A real mandate

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Listening to talk radio right-wingers, they say President Barack Obama has no mandate on anything. But if Mitt Romney had won by the same margin would these same folks have proclaimed that Mr. Romney would have mandates for tax cuts, repeal of Obamacare, massive cuts, medicare vouchers and the list would go on.

And they would have had a valid point. Mr. Romney ran on repealing Obamacare and all the other stuff I listed.

President Obama made it very plain that the top earners making over $250,000 would see their Bush tax cuts expire. Did you miss that, conservatives? Obviously talk radio has amnesia.

If you missed what President Obama said, you would have had to work really hard to miss all the ads and speeches, not to mention the media frenzy that was our lives over the last year and a half!

Now should there be cuts to spending? Sure. Propose more if you want. Get this fiscal cliff behind us and stop jockeying for the next election. We don't have time for politics with a politically contrived ax about to fall on our economy.

President Obama has a mandate, some Bush tax cuts expire, no Medicare vouchers, and Obamacare is the law of land, like or not!

Baldwin Borough



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