Cheap shot editorial

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My, my, my... will the Post-Gazette ever get it "right" or at least somewhat "right?"

Setting the stage for the 2016 presidential election, your Nov. 23 editorial titled "Earth to Rubio" was a cheap shot based on a non-issue. Sen. Marco Rubio answered GQ magazine correctly when he was asked a question that will be debated by theologists and the scientific community for ever -- by answering that, "it has nothing to do with the gross domestic product or economic growth of the United States."

If the PG spent as much time vetting a young state senator from Illinois who voted "present" over 100 times during his eight years in office in order to avoid future political consequences and, according to several of his former colleagues, to further his personal ambitions, your editorial would be more than a weak attempt to politically taint a young U.S. senator from Florida.

West Liberty, W.Va.



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