Bush's deficits

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The irony of Bill Wilshire's letter ("Dangerous Deficits," Nov. 27) is that not only does he prove letter writer Elaine Smith's point (Nov. 13), he unfortunately fails to realize it. To recap, the deficits that he is so concerned about were created during the two disastrous George W. Bush administrations. And once again I must state that silence was deafening when the budget surplus left by the Clinton administration was being turned into the deficits that we as a country are facing today.

Offering further proof that he is firmly ensconced in the Fox News bubble or locally the paper-based version, he points to two countries in Europe as examples to support his statements. If Mr. Wilshire had bothered to do any research he would have found that the reality is not what he has been brainwashed to believe. Nicholas Kristof stated it best in an article prior to the election, "If you want to see how Romney's economic policies would work out, take a look at Europe. And weep".




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