The climate cliff

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I'm grateful for "the" cliff that the nation is talking about. It may actually get our elected leaders to do something, and then perhaps the bigger global cliff on climate may see some action after decades of inaction. This has been a decade of massive wildfires, flooding and droughts costing untold billions and lives/species.

I can hope world leaders may finally act, but it took leaders a full decade to get Lady Liberty onto her pedestal in New York Harbor because of bickering over money. But when all were committed, a nuclear weapon took only a few years, as did going to the moon.

Can we please unite to save the only home we have and demand action from our leaders? I suggest it be simply lighting a tea-light candle and floating it on a body of water (pond, lake, river, fountain) using styrofoam from a used disposable cup so all can see how many are wishing to see positive action.

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine -- and I'll be grateful if we all join in.




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