Shoppers ruin Thanksgiving for retail workers

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Once again we are approaching Thanksgiving Day. It is normally a day on which we all gather at the homes of family and close friends to watch football and eat and visit. The merchants of the area look upon it as a day to run sales, and open at 8 or 9 on Thanksgiving night to give people a chance to get a head start on Black Friday.

I think that requiring people to give up any part of their day or evening on Thanksgiving so some idiot can go shop for something that they most likely don't have an immediate need for is ridiculous. I, for one, have never shopped on Thanksgiving nor do I intend to support the idea.

Come on, people, what is so important that you must have and are willing to break away from a family gathering to go to a store for purchases at 9 p.m. on a holiday just to save a few bucks? No wonder the basic unit of society otherwise known as the family is breaking down.

Let common sense rule this Thanksgiving and stay home so the managers and employees of the stores can do the same. There is nothing more important than family.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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