A backlash of decency sank conservatives

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I was amused in a way that I seldom am by Charles Krauthammer's Nov. 10 column ("Republicans Must Do Conservatism Better, Not Reinvent Themselves"). He demonstrates perfectly how conservatives have an answer for everything and an understanding of nothing.

Here's a few admittedly unsolicited postelection suggestions of my own:

Conservatives would do well to abandon the arrogant conceit that they are the only ones who ever had to work hard in their lives. That is immensely annoying to millions of people who work just as hard if not harder and would like to see a few more benefits of that hard work flow their way instead of upstairs to the suits behind the desks. And they'd like not to be called socialist class warriors for feeling that way.

Conservatives also would do well to dial back on the voter suppression efforts. Nothing makes people fight back harder for their freedom than when they feel that one of those freedoms is being deliberately endangered.

Finally, conservatives might try easing up on the hate just a little. I'll bet many people who might have been disappointed to varying degrees by President Barack Obama's first term nevertheless voted for him to send a message about all that socialist/Muslim/birther garbage from the bigoted far right with a nod and a wink from more "respectable" conservatives who should know better. There was a decency backlash this year that cost conservatives votes they might otherwise have gotten.




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