It's catacomb time

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Well, now that a slight majority of Americans have re-elected a president who has little experience in handling the economy or anything else for that matter, and a growing number of states have approved same-sex marriage (an oxymoron), abortion (baby killing) and assisted suicide (cutting granny's hospital stay real short), I've decided to dig a catacomb.

Since I reckon there are a few dozen of us who still adhere to the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church -- marriage between a man and a woman, life beginning at conception and letting granny die with dignity -- I need a place to hide. Just as the early Christians needed somewhere to go in fear of the hedonistic Romans, I, too, need a safe place in fear of the hedonistic citizens of the USA -- my own personal catacomb.

Funny how Rome eventually fell. Will the United States be next? If you would like to join me in my backyard project, please do. Just bring a shovel.




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