Clouding statistics

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Here's some important context on the Hill District voter turnout statistic used to support the argument that minority and poor neighborhoods don't vote as much as whiter towns ("In 2012, Republicans Mustered Vote Better in Pa.," Nov. 9).

Ward 5, District 15, which had the lowest turnout in the county at 15 percent, covers part of Addison Terrace. Demolition of 734 apartments there started this year. Maybe that's why only 24 ballots were cast in the district. Looking at the rest of the Hill District's Fifth Ward, 13 of its 18 voting districts had turnout of 60 percent or higher -- seven of them equaled or beat the county rate of 67 percent -- and only three districts, including the one cited in the article, were below 50 percent.

Sometimes a narrow interpretation of turnout numbers can cloud the true picture.

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