The way forward

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The American people have spoken -- at least the ones who believe in a participatory democracy and are both eligible and moved to vote. Unfortunately this election only shows the will of the people to be almost as polarized as that of its politicians. The only way out of such divisions in both the electorate and the parties is embarrassingly obvious: compromise.

Now that the Republican Party has found that its strategy for the past four years -- seeing that Barack Obama is a one-term president -- has been proved to be a zero-sum game, perhaps the Republicans as well as the Democrats will finally accept that compromise is not a four-letter word; rather it is the only way around the fiscal cliff over which Republicans and Democrats alike have been herding the country.

It is now the job of the citizenry to prod its representatives to return to their primary allegiance: working for the good of the country rather than ideology. The nation must hold its elected representatives accountable; Congress must work with the duly elected president and the president must work with the duly elected Congress for the benefit of all the people.

As the nation learned at its birth, uniting is the only way the nation can continue to stand.

Beaver Falls



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