Ignore the ads, do your research, then cast an informed vote

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I'm sure I'm not the only one sick and tired of all the political ads, whether they be on the TV or radio, in the newspaper or via phone calls.

Guess they wouldn't be so bad if they told the truth, not half-truths or downright lies. What a shame for these candidates to stoop so low and how dumb of us to believe them while they pull the wool over our eyes.

We all know that once a candidate is elected, his or her campaign promises go out the window, so why spend all that money on broken promises?

The money raised and spent on these ads for or by the candidates is appalling. Can you imagine how these monies could help in other areas rather than being wasted on ads everyone is disgusted hearing?

This country should elect its officials by popular vote, where anyone should be able to throw his or her hat into the ring, not just people with money, corporate or other financial backing. There are lots of good people who aren't able to obtain the means to run for an office.

I believe we need a government for the people, by the people and of the people and not politicians who believe the offices they hold are for them and their financial and special-interest cronies.

Do in-depth research on all candidates, then get out and vote for who will be for the betterment of this country, rather than themselves.

Mount Washington



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