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When the so-called liberal paper, the Post-Gazette, endorsed Tom Corbett for governor, I was puzzled. Mr. Corbett signed the Grover Norquist pledge not to raise taxes. So when he cut school subsidies, my school tax went up. But Mr. Corbett didn't do it! When I read the PG writer Jack Kelly's columns bashing the president, I again am puzzled. Who is Jack Kelly and why is he here?

After the PG's editorial "Final Joust" (Oct. 25), I think I understand: "The nation's foreign policy won't veer sharply regardless of who wins on Nov. 6." Are you kidding? Mitt Romney doesn't even know Iran has long coasts on several seas. If the president had said what Mr. Romney said, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News and the PG would have jumped all over it! Plus Mr. Romney's career in overseas investment is primarily where he hides his money. He is, simply put, a corporate raider. The PG can't compare him and the president on anything!

And by the way, someone tell Paul Ryan that the U.S. Navy has not had battleships for years.

Bethel Park



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