Behind closed doors

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Originally I was going to write about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan wanting to change Medicare to a voucher care. But, after the second presidential debate, I noticed how disrespectful Mr. Romney and his son Tagg were toward the president.

Mitt Romney, at one time during the second debate, essentially told the president to shut up -- "I am still speaking." His son Tagg evidently has a temper. He said on a radio show that he wanted to go up on stage and slug the president who was calling his father a liar. We definitely do not need a family in the White House like that or a president who would not be worried about all Americans.

Mr. Romney said he would not worry about the 47 percent who think they are victims. When that statement got out, he tried to clean it up by saying it came out the wrong way. What people say behind closed doors is what they really mean.

I am glad President Barack Obama got to mention it in his closing of the second debate and that Mr. Romney could not have the last word to try to wiggle out of it. Vote Democratic.




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