Why socialism fails

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I recently read of the two parties' ideologies summarized in this way: Barack Obama seeks equal outcomes; Mitt Romney seeks equal opportunities.

Even the Christian faith doesn't promise equal outcomes. Christ lays the opportunity before us and tells us to act. That tiny act of faith, as simple as it sounds, is not as easy for some as for others, especially considering one's environment. Still, our faith provides for opportunity alone. There is no safety net.

Does this mean that our nation should not provide a safety net for those who really need it? Of course not. But "equal outcomes" demands socialism. It is the very definition. And as lovely as it may sound to some, equal outcomes kill the goose that lays the golden egg -- capitalism, striving, risk, reward and failure.

If this country had been built on equal outcomes, there would be no wealth to distribute. As a result, power would be the only remaining driver. These are the reasons that equal outcomes, or socialism, always fail.

Indiana, Pa.



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