Issue One: The Pirates

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Bucs thrilled us

I heartily agree with R. Jude Wilber's Sept. 29 letter ("Now Is Not the Time to Give Up on the Pirates") and disappointed in Bill Schwartz's letter ("Bucs' Wreckage") the same day. I am a senior citizen and got to four games this year, but our Bucs won all four of those games. The thrills I got at those games and the ones I watched on TV will stay with me until next opening day.

I'm proud of our Bucs and I say enjoy what you have, hope for next year and remain a Pittsburgh fan always.


Stop buying it

I challenge the Pirates to actually stand and deliver. It's been 20 seasons. They last had a winning season during Bill Clinton's first term. Saying is one thing, but doing is another.

It's a shame that some fans won't deliver a message by just not going to games. It's as if fans are saying to Bob Nutting, come and serve us an inferior product because we'll accept it. So what if Rod Barajas (who couldn't throw out a runner if he was two feet in front of him) might be a nice guy and does have seven kids; he and other players this year like Erik Bedard and Nate McLouth wouldn't even be allowed to walk near Yankee Stadium.

This isn't Jonestown, and I for one won't drink the Kool-Aid that Bob Nutting has gotten people to drink. Don't believe the hype. It is was it is ... sadly.


Integrity at stake

The not-so-recent free fall of the Pirates indicates either dissension in the clubhouse among the players or, worse yet, laziness on the part of the team members. In the former, it appears to me that pitchers vs. the rest of the players (or vice versa) worked to destroy what was a good year up until mid-August. If this is the case, then we need to console the manager and coaching staff who did more than a creditable job in piloting the team.

If it's a matter of laziness, then the team should be ashamed of itself.

Every team knows that an extended season via the playoffs is a time-consuming business. Except it would seem that's why a player is in the whole business of playing professional ball, whatever the sport. Getting into the playoffs is a rare treat.

There may be no immediate solution to either of the above reasons for the free fall, but it sure isn't fair to the fans of Pittsburgh.

A little soul-searching on the part of the Pirates players is overdue. Indeed, the integrity of the whole team is at stake.

Bethlehem, Pa.



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