Voter ID will continue to cause problems

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Thanks to the Pennsylvania courts, we don't have to submit photo ID to vote in November 2012, although people who are voting at a new precinct will have to show ID from a broader list of options, as has been the law for years. However, confusion abounds.

Just last week I received a postcard from the Pennsylvania Department of State saying, "If you want to vote, show it." The department says it will not be mailing a retraction.

The law is still in effect for 2013. Think the voter ID law isn't so bad now that the Department of State made all these accommodations to make it easier to get photo ID? Don't be so sure.

I believe the Department of State will roll back all the changes it made to the procedures to obtain a voter ID. It will do this for two reasons. It will say the changes are no longer needed now that everybody has lots of time to get photo ID, and it will say that these accommodations were never part of the law and we really should adhere to the law as it was signed by Gov. Corbett.

On the bright side, maybe the PennDOT employees will have the time necessary to be trained on the rules and won't have to learn new rules every week.

Squirrel Hill



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