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Dear Sophie Masloff manages to say something with wisdom and follow it up with putting her foot in her mouth ("Voter ID Law Has Masloff Miffed," Sept. 29). However, I hope that I am as sharp as she is in her 90s if I am so lucky to reach that age.

The mid-1930s was a different time; political bosses strongly controlled the machine. In some places, they assigned voting times to people and made sure they were there at the designated time and voted for the designated person. There was corruption then and there is corruption now.

I don't disagree about the need for photo IDs. I believe in this day and age photo IDs are necessary for more than voting. Yet, if someone wants to, he or she can get around having a valid photo ID. Did anyone hear of people who issue fake IDs to underage drinkers?

I don't believe that it was necessary to push voter ID through, unless of course you are like many of the writers who sent in letters to the PG and expressed their concern that the wrong person might be elected due to fraudulent voting. I guess they are worried that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will get into the White House (hmmm ... somehow I don't think that's who they are worried about).




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