City residents' tax burden is carrying UPMC

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So let me get this straight: According to the 2013 assessment figures, UPMC has $2.5 billion in property in Allegheny County ("Sky's the Limit," Sept. 23), and UPMC will pay nothing (zero, zip, nada) in taxes on 80 percent of it. Much of this land is vacant, or parking lots; UPMC is merely sitting on it, just in case.

Meanwhile, the house in which I live has more than doubled its previous value, according to the same assessment, so I can expect a sizable tax hike. I also work for UPMC, which has underpaid its workers for years and has continued to obstruct efforts to improve wages and working conditions by forming a union.

It seems to me my options are few. I can stay where I am and watch as the city continues to be starved of resources -- fewer buses, fewer teachers, shortened library hours -- or I can join together with my co-workers and community to help improve our working conditions and our city.

And, who knows, perhaps UPMC will buy my house, too!

Polish Hill



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