Consider the impact of the Internet on jobs

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Could somebody please explain to me why President Barack Obama is always the scapegoat for the job losses that our country has suffered in recent times?

I feel strongly that the Internet might be perhaps the grandest cause of this unacceptable jobless rate in the United States.

In the mid-2000s, I was a certified travel agent. The consensus of opinion of us now unemployed travel agents is that potential customers going online for their travel needs has resulted in the whole travel industry taking a major nose-dive.

People often order their products online these days. Shopping malls, such as Century III and Parkway Center, both in the South Hills, often resemble ghost towns more than malls.

The post office (think: email) and even checkout personnel in grocery stores (think: self-checkout) are two obvious victims of these advanced technologies.

This same technology allows us to create jobs overseas and run companies in foreign lands from our desktops or laptops while remaining stateside.

No matter whom you cast your vote for in a few short weeks, please remember, as technology advances the jobless rate will likely increase.

In summary, when it comes to jobs in our country, I suspect there is a great chance that things will get worse before they get better due to the Internet and all the "benefits" that come with it.

Baldwin Borough



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