The Obama illusion

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We conservatives are working diligently to get the word out that our country is barreling down the tracks in the wrong direction with President Barack Obama as the conductor of the train.

We inform our family, friends and acquaintances that President Obama is not the leader who can move our nation forward and bring positive change to its people. We present facts and statistics and invest time to educate our citizens, yet still too many Americans are deceived by an illusion manufactured by this president.

On topics of the economy, the debt, jobs, health care, foreign affairs, energy, immigration, the military, religious freedom and on and on the masses are simply following "the myth" and not reality. By the time the public realizes how bad his changes are for themselves and their offspring, it will be too late. Blame again will be redirected back onto conservatives with cries of "Why didn't you warn us -- why?" We are.

Wake up, Americans, and clear your heads now. Let your actions portray wisdom by paying attention to what is going on before Nov. 6. We urge you to find out the truth, discover the facts, look into your hearts and vote for the future of America. If you do not, you will find out that instead of lifting each other up, we will soon all go down together.

My fate, your fate, your children's fate, your nation's fate are in our hands. Four more years of President Obama's policies will be eight too many. Thank you very much for listening and allowing me to exercise my freedom of speech before that, too, is taken away.

New Kensington



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