It's time to be sensible about sharing streets

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There have been many articles and commentaries about the bicycle-car battles being waged across the area. It is my opinion that if bicyclists want to share the roads with cars then they should help pay for the roads that they use. A registration fee when they purchase the bike is one idea of helping to pay their fair share.

However, there are certain city streets that should not be shared. I live on Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill. It is a busy street that can barely handle all the automobile traffic that uses it on a daily basis. Throw in bicycles and you have chaos. There are many streets that parallel Forbes. Bicycles should be forbidden on Forbes (especially during rush hour) and relegated to the side streets.

Forbes Avenue is just one example; there are many busy streets throughout the city with side streets that parallel them. If simple solutions like this one are not followed, the body count will continue to rise.

Squirrel Hill



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