Altmire listens

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I'd like to thank the Post-Gazette editorial board for reminding us all what a great job Jason Altmire is doing as our congressman ("Policy by Poll," Sept. 5 editorial).

He opposed the health care reform bill because his constituents wanted him to, he opposed the energy bill because it was bad for this region, and he supported the Wall Street reform bill because it's good for local folks -- all of these things he did because he was listening to his constituents.

If more elected officials had listened to popular opinion instead of doing whatever they wanted, the war in Vietnam wouldn't have lasted nearly as long as it did. If public influence had any say, we probably wouldn't have invaded Iraq in 2003. So go ahead and criticize him (or anyone, for that matter) for voting as his constituents wish.

Rep. Altmire lost his primary because he wasn't a good enough Democrat. He was re-elected in three general elections because he was a very good congressman. I'm sad we'll be losing him at the end of the year.




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