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I just have to respond to GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway's Sept. 2 article "The GOP Can Win Women."

The subheadline states that Democrats address women only below the waist, when what they want are smart economic policies.

The Democrats understand that women cannot realize any economic success without the freedom to control the bottom half of their bodies. The GOP can talk all it wants to women about the economy and women having success in it, but until the GOP removes its anti-choice rhetoric from its platform it will fail in having women believe that the GOP is the party that stands for them.

Without the right to control our reproductive ability, we will have a delayed education, delayed entrance into the work force and a delay in achieving economic success.

The true GOP agenda appears to derail women from economic freedom and equality by controlling the bottom half of their bodies. So no matter what Ms. Conway and other GOP-ers say, women truly know what they are all about.

Women know by President Barack Obama's actions (the Lilly Ledbetter Act) and the Democratic platform that the Democrats are firmly resolved that women attain true economic success.

Women also know that attempts to improve the economy have been delayed and derailed by John Boehner, Eric Cantor, U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy and every other U.S. representative who puts an R after his or her name. Women are not stupid. However, Ms. Conway's article seems to talk down to women and make us appear to be stupid -- that somehow we don't know the truth of each party and what each stands for.

It is truth and freedom that women want. The Democratic Party gives it to women, the Republicans do not.




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