Goodfellows donations top the $195,000 mark

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The Post-Gazette's Goodfellows Fund had another very successful year thanks to generous readers, amassing the third-highest total contributions in the program's history. Your donations helped bring Christmas cheer to tens of thousands of needy children.

Below is the final list of donors for this season's campaign.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

Today's total: $17,227

Grand total: $195,111.13

Mary Anne Murphy $800

Elfin' Around South Side Charity Crawl $710

In memory of Harry and Kwai Fong Gee, Delta Group Members $500

In memory of Henry and Claire Leong, Ina G. Leong, Maj. Benjamin H. Follansbee (Green Beret) $500

Rob and Kati Falk $500

Roy and Norleen Patterson $500

Anonymous $500

Jane Treese $500

For children everywhere $500

Bill and LaDonna Bates $500

Hopewell Area School District $300

James R. Boughner $300

In memory of Kevin Rayman $250

In memory of Jewell Haas from Lisa, Steve, Shea and Casey $250

In memory of Jim Jeffery, from Steve and Lisa Evans $250

In memory of Michael and Irene Behun $250

In memory of Melhem Hankey baby $250

Atwood family $250

Gregg, Jean and David Franklin $250

DanBai $250

DeFilippo family $250

Happy Hour Institute of Pittsburgh $250

In memory of Xander $200

In memory of Ruth and Carol Swanson from the William Bollinger family $200

In memory of Lawrence Hornyak and George Moy $200

Nicholas and Linda Bilotto $200

Coyle family $200

Mary Ann McDunn $200

AKJ Industries $150

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Burkart $150

In memory of John James Gilbert $150

In memory of Anna Mae Guentner $130

Rohrich Lexus $120

Equitable Gas Co. North Shore $100

Anonymous $100

Lawrence R. Kolarik $100

Barry Lhormer and Janet Markel $100

Mimi and Pappy $100

In memory of Benjamin John Phillips $100

Junior Felesi $100

The Gormly family $100

Ben and Nick Madison $100

Rose Lenchner $100

Andrew McSwigan $100

Tom "You're Covered" Stein $100

Chas $100

E. Keegan $100

Cari Lackner $100

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Veltre and family $100

David A. Smail $100

Barbara Anderson $100

Gerald J. Gustas $100

In memory of Eddie Paul Dietrich $100

BNY Mellon $100

Cynthia Hamilton $100

In honor of Peter and Eliot Ewert $100

Jan and Rich Kleiser $100

Frank and Caity Cornell $85

Tony and Charlotte Zalewsky $75

David and Tommilea Giegel $75

Ellen Henry $75

Anonymous $75

Brenda Moffitt $75

In honor of Thomas and Leo Dugan $50

Grandchildren of Bill and Virginia Zahren $50

Todd and Michele Soergel $50

In memory of Grandma Virginia Wiel $50

In memory of Shannon Quail $50

Patricia Katrincic $50

Marcy Valentas $50

J. Aiello and C. Gabrich $50

Robert and Georgann Jenkins $50

In memory of Herb, Theresia and Joan Waldron $50

In memory of Joseph W. Rowland $50

Ron and Linda Heckman $50

Melanie and Charlie Popovich $50

Virginia Klimkowski $50

In memory of Frank and Ruby $50

In honor of Naomi Baldesberger $50

Gary Sivewright $50

Kathy Antoniazzi $50

John and Jenny Becker $50

The Yank family $50

Bob and Sonya Lancaster $50

Justin P. Stefano $50

In memory of Gil Diamond $50

Paul Frey and Susan DeGregorio $50

Trish and Paul $50

Lydia Balogh - dedicated to my parents $50

Jay, Lynne and Evan Airhart $50

In honor of Stripe, Wesley, Oliver and Gus $50

Raymond and Melanie Pfister $50

Lily K. Stefanik $50

John, Sandy and Mike $50

Washowich $50

Cedro family $50

Lisa Parkins $50

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Maffeo $50

In memory of Anthony Pesyna $50

Anonymous $50

Arati and Vijay Warty $50

Devin O'Rorke $50

In memory of Robert Milochick $44

In memory of Henry Simon $44

In honor of Jane Etherington $40

Tom and Susan Banks $40

Anonymous $30

Ashley Barrett $30

In memory of Mark Ricci, Ed Dawes, "Jamm," Butch and Ruth Oleskie $30

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett $30

Linda McCall $30

Massarellis $30

Frances and Jordan Morgan $26

In honor of 26 Acts of Kindness $26

In memory of Sandy Hook children and teachers $26

Pray Angels Guard Our Children From: Teresi Wilton and Brannons $26

Robert Kraut and Ava Betensky $25

In memory of Mary Lou Tilves $25

Dave Porter $25

William R. and Ruth Hughes $25

Charles and Jane Ann Byrnes $25

H.P. McDonough $25

John W. Heide Jr. $25

B.H. Stevens $25

George Smith $25

In memory of Donald Kunkel $25

John E. Burke $25

Lois A. Singleton and William F. Singleton $25

In memory of Elizabeth Evans and Rhenny $25

Anonymous $25

Madjercic family $25

V.J. Ruisi $25

Melinda E. Losego $25

Mike Patterson Jr. $25

Arthur and Emily Schock $25

James Wigton $25

In memory of Richard Macieski Jr. $25

Anonymous $25

Jim and Robin Langenhahn $25

In memory of Carl "The Barber" Palumbo from sister and family $25

Anonymous $25

In memory of Buddy and Maggie $25

Dr. and Mrs. S.L. Kondis $25

Earl and Donna Viney $25

Bert, Andrea, Jennifer and Jessica Lott $25

Mark Fischerkeller $25

Anthony Morell $25

Janis Moravec $25

Matt and Jennifer Goga $25

Esther Glickman $25

Bill and Dee Miller $25

Rosemary Coffey $25

Leonard and Eileen Laabs $25

Anonymous $25

Edward Tarzia $25

Warnell Pierce $25

In memory of the victims of Newtown, CT shooting $20

In memory of Jay Briggs $20

Ellen and Peter Gaus $20

Anonymous $20

Mary Malli $20

Shirley Cohn $20

Elizabeth Albright $20

Our daughter Kim Montesano $20

Marilyn Couch $20

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Torcasso $20

In memory of Kevin Rayman $20

In memory of Robert and Judith Dellett $20

In memory of Mimi and Pap Pap LeDonne $20

Mildred McCracken $15

Liam, Isabelle, and Fiona $15

Daniel Studebaker $15

Barbara Szefi $15

Anonymous $10

Cathy Dennler $10

Bud Mallick $10

Frank Lenco $10

Eddie and Amiyah $10

R. Kerekes $10

In memory of Jackie Tremblay $10

E and S $10

Kristina Dospoy $10

Anonymous $10

Cujo and Mia $10

In memory of Jean Garlow (a teacher) $10

Janet R. Radman and Milton J. Radman $5

Norma Thompson $5

Shirley Grossman $5

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