Terrelle Pryor's Recruiting Diary: Seton-LaSalle tonight, Ohio State tomorrow

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Jeannette High School quarterback/defensive back Terrelle Pryor is ranked the No. 1 player in the country by several scouting services and is being recruited by colleges nationwide. Throughout the season and until he makes a college decision, the Post-Gazette will periodically run a diary from Pryor, as told to sports writer Mike White.

Halloween was Wednesday night, but I went to the mall to get new shoes [sneakers] for this weekend.

I'm making my first official visit to Ohio State, and I wanted some new shoes to look good up there.

[Ohio State football coach] Jim Tressel and [basketball coach] Thad Matta came to our game last Thursday against Greensburg Central Catholic. They flew in on a jet and went back right after the game. Coach Tressel said it was only about a half-hour flight.

I don't feel any differently about Ohio State just because they both came to the game. But it is good to see the basketball coach took time to come down here. He ended his practice early so he could get here.

But just because I'm making my first visit to Ohio State doesn't mean they are my leader. They asked me to come down and it fits my schedule pretty well. I'm still making my decision in February. I'm still looking at West Virginia, Florida, Penn State, Tennessee and Texas.

I did not go to the Ohio State-Penn State game, just because they are two of my top teams. It might have looked disrespectful to Ohio State if I was on the Penn State sideline. I just didn't think it would be a good situation.

I'm just looking to have a good time on my visit to Ohio State. They have an itinerary for everything to do, but I want to talk to the players a lot, check out the area, go out at night with some of them. Who knows? Maybe meet a couple of girls [laugh].

Ohio State is the only official visit I have planned right now. [West Virginia coach] Rich Rodriguez came to our Carlynton game. He stood by a fence near the field. Because of [NCAA] rules, I can't talk to him there. But he made sure I saw him.

We're glad the playoffs are here because we're really looking forward to them. Our feeling is we have to make a statement in this first game [tonight against Seton-LaSalle]. I'm not saying we're going to win everything, but people are saying we really haven't played anybody yet. Anyone who is saying that, we'll just have to make a statement to you.

Everyone looks ahead when the playoff brackets come out, but all we're trying to think about is Seton-LaSalle.

We're pretty focused. I think we have been all year. We're still practicing until 6 at night. That's three hours of practice.

Our coaches keep telling us a lot of things about not getting cocky, saying talk is cheap and do it on the field. [Assistant] coach [Roy] Hall gives us good speeches. He was just telling us to look at USC and how they lost to Stanford this year. He brings up Appalachian State against Michigan. He tells us the ball isn't always going to bounce your way.

I think we're ready. Terrelle Pryor's


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