PART 4: Patients Matter - The Consumer's Role in Health Care

Beyond the policy and planning and technology one of the biggest factors in health care is the patient. How can consumers improve medicine and shape better outcomes for themselves, their loved ones and their communities?
Beyond the policy and professionals and technology one of the biggest factors in medicine is the patient. In a special online report today and in print Sunday we explore how consumers can shape better outcomes for themselves, their loved ones and their communities.

Balancing Act: Romantic partner’s personality can boost your career

You stand a better chance of career success if your spouse or romantic partner is conscientious, reliable, organized, extroverted and happy.

People on the Move: 1/19/2015

Sherrard, German & Kelly, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, The Webb Law Firm and more.

Vitals: Wrestling with choices - Health insurers forcing consumers to be savvy shoppers

This fourth installment in our series about key issues in health care examines the consumer’s role in shaping healthier lives, communities.

Internet not the last word on health matters

Information on the Internet about health issues is just a first step in learning more about a medical condition with your doctor.

Patient advocacy crucial in fighting rare diseases

Facing a rare disease poses a unique sets of challenges for families advocating for research funding and public awareness.

Preparation is key before a hospital stay

How to improve your experiences -- and your recovery -- if you have to stay in the hospital.

Advocates push patient-centered health care

The Consumer Health Coalition encourages patients to take initiative and be assertive.

Physical exams often giving way to technology

Patients lose when doctors can't do good physical exams because of time constraints and other limitations.

Pharmacists take a more active role in health care

Pharmacists who take on a greater role in patient care improve their disease outcomes and treatment.

Longevity center tries to rekindle memories with 'gym for your brain'

Through dance, tai chi and other activities, a UCLA program aims to boost the memory and help patients with what already has been lost.

Rising demand for long-term care for the elderly faces a shortage of caregivers

As baby boomers age, long-term care is in greater demand. Yet studies show that there will not be enough caregivers to attend to them.