Life of Margaret D., #25682

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Life of Margaret D., #25682

Date of Willard admission: 1941.

Length of stay: 32 years.

Margaret, an orphan from Scotland, was a nurse who developed many physical ailments over time. At age 48, she was committed to Willard by her doctor, who felt that her physical complaints were overshadowed by her emotional problems.

She took along all her earthly possessions, packed in 18 suitcases, boxes and trunks. At her admission interview, she referred to herself as a "fly in a spider web," and she agreed to stay only until a better place could be found for her. That never happened.

During her 32 years at Willard, Miss Margaret received no psychotherapy, but instead was given heavy doses of the tranquilizer Thorazine. According to records, she spent her time knitting, crocheting and reading. Diagnosed with arteriosclerosis and other serious medical conditions, she was sent to the medical/surgical unit at Willard in 1970 and remained there until her death in 1973.


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