Bill Deasy taps into archives with 'Drain Tapes'

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Bill Deasy writes so many songs, a lot of good ones never make it to a proper album, so tonight at The World, he's releasing a seven-song EP of home recordings just to get the music out there.

"Every song I write," he says, "I do an acoustic demo pretty much the instant I'm done writing it. Or even a little before I'm done writing it, I'll start recording it in this real raw kind of bare-bones acoustic form. And just because of timing or whatever, there have been some nice songs that haven't made it out there. So we have this backlog of pretty cool songs that we like, and we thought this might be a good way to just get it out there."

He's called the record "Drain Tapes Volume 1" in honor of the background noises that occasionally make a guest appearance. And he means the "Volume 1" part. Maybe once a year, he says, he'll put another volume out there.

"I could put out three or four more right now, I just have so many songs," he says.

While he doesn't regret not putting such obvious highlights as "Better Than Never at All" on a record, Deasy says, "I've been listening to this, and I'm sort of wondering myself what I was thinking."

And in fact, he may go back and put a couple songs from "Drain Tapes" on his next release.

"I just rehearsed all these songs with the band the other night to play on Friday," he says. "And man, they rocked."

Bill Deasy and his band are at The World tonight at 8. Tickets are $8 in advance; $10 at the door. Call 412-323-1919.

Ed Masley can be reached at or 412-263-1865.


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