The PG party playbook for cheering on Steelers

Celebrating the Steelers' success never goes out of style, so here are recipes and suggestions collected by the Post-Gazette in the 2000s to help with your game plan for what to serve on Super Bowl Sunday.

• Videos: Cooking With Gretchen's playoff parties, Part I and Part II.

• Recipes: Line up healthy spread for Super Bowl Sunday.

• Cookbook/Recipes: Game-day gourmet: It's the time of year for pigskin pigging out. Game day recipes.

• Recipes: From our readers, Super Steeler Fans.

• Game plan: This is a Bowl that's full of food and drink.

• Recipes: Shrimp snacks for Super Bowl Sunday.

• Recipes: Pretzels in first half, fondue in the second ...

• Recipe: Aunt Elvira's Roethlisberger Braunschweiger Ball.

Recipes: • Give the Super Bowl a chili reception.


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