Fresh Find: Larabar

I was trapped at LaGuardia Airport and hungry and went in search of something other than burgers or fries. In a gift boutique I found a protein bar I had never seen: "Larabar Cherry Pie." Just three ingredients: dates, almonds and unsweetened cherries. It's free of genetic modification, gluten, dairy and soy; it's vegan and kosher; and has 190 calories and four grams of protein. One bite and I had a new addiction. The bar is moist and chewy, tart and tasty. None of the medicinal tastes of other protein bars. Back home, I learned that there are 12 flavors, including lemon bar, pecan pie and ginger snap. There also is a healthy chocolate version, Jocalat. The best news is, Larabars are sold for about $1.70 in Pittsburgh at stores such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and REI. Now I never leave home without one.

-- Elizabeth Downer

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