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Whether you're a stylist, sartorialist or bargain shopper, there's a fashion app out there that can make you a better one. Here's a handful of them, all poised to help the fashion-impaired and extraordinaire alike.

Stylish Girl: You know a closet's too crammed with clothes when you find something new each time you browse through it. Stylish Girl is a free iOS and Android-friendly app that helps users organize apparel and accessories. Photograph items in your closet and label them according to style, season, color or brand. It also assists with packing by allowing users to pick looks from their virtual closet to add to the app's suitcase feature. It takes some time to catalog a closet in such detail, but afterward the photos can be mixed and matched to build new looks or assigned to a calendar to plan a wardrobe for an entire week or month.

Similar apps: Closet Virtual and Personal Closet Lite (both free for Android) and Stylebook (, Netrobe ( and Closet Clothing Organized (all three iOS-compatible).

Cloth: Share your fashion sense with the world thanks to Cloth, an app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Photograph your favorite ensembles and file them according to wearability, such as for daily wear, evening, vacation or work. Post looks to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, or submit them to for potential posting, to earn points and badges.

Download the Cloth Weather upgrade to use real-time weather forecasts to help you pick your outfit.

Speak Chic: This iOS-compatible app ( will help you impress friends at your next red carpet event with your superb pronunciation of today's top designers. Wondering if the "h" is silent in Hermes? Type in the name, and Speak Chic will search its database of nearly 300 brands and designers to find the phonetic spelling and an audio file that plays the correct pronunciation. (And, yes, the "h" is silent.) The app also provides background on some of the industry's leading labels.

Fashism: Get style advice anywhere at any time with Fashism (, available for iPhone and Android. Upload a photo of the shoes you're thinking about splurging on or a potential interview outfit and receive feedback from other app users.

Shoemocracy: This app ( is like Facebook for footwear fans. Members (who sign up for free) create a profile of their top brands and add photos of their shoe obsessions. They also can scan selections from other members, leave comments and accept friends. The slogan: "In shoes we trust." Available for iOS and Android devices.

Pose: Never run short on style inspiration again! Pose ( is a free app for iOS and Android devices that invites people to strike a pose, snap a photo and post their fashion pictures for comments. They also can search hundreds of others' images, divided into groups such as "NYC posers," "killer shoes" and "international style."

Some photos include a shop feature, so if you like what you see the app will pull up the item on the retailer's website.

Chic feed: A treasure trove of photos from fashion blogs and websites, including The Sartorialist, LookBook, Cherry Blossom Girl and more. Scroll through style shots, or click on the related links to visit their original blog posts. The experience, suited for iPhone and Android (, is like people-watching outside New York or Paris fashion weeks, without ever leaving home.


Sara Bauknecht: or on Twitter @SaraB_PG.


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