Clutch: Get a Hold of Style -- Some tips on putting together the denim on denim look

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The denim on denim look is very in at the moment and has been for a couple of seasons. If you turn the pages of a fashion or gossip magazine, you're sure to see countless celebrities wearing it.

But there's a fine line between looking stylish and looking like you're going to spend the day driving cattle on a ranch.

In today's market, denim comes in a variety of washes and colors. Remember acid-washed denim of the 1980s? It's back in style.

When wearing multiple items of denim, be careful not to match. To get the look, mix up washes and colors.

"It's like mixing prints and plaids," says Lawrence Scott, owner of the Pittsburgh Jeans Co.

He says that the only occasion in which you can wear head-to-toe denim in the same wash is if the denim is raw, untouched by wash and dye, which his South Side shop specializes in.

Whether you are ready to dive into the denim on denim look or just want to expand your denim collection beyond jeans, below are some tips for achieving the look:

Level 1

One piece, not just jeans. If you want to slowly start wearing more denim, begin with a single piece of clothing, such as a shirt dress or a work shirt. A denim work shirt is the perfect piece to add to your closet if you are not sure about the whole denim on denim look. You can use it with other denim pieces if you dare, or keep it basic by pairing it with a basic black skirt or pant. Add your own accessories to adapt it to your personal style.

Level 2

Mixing traditional blue denim with color. Think beyond indigo, and incorporate color into your outfit, such as pairing a blue denim jacket with a pair of brightly colored jeans. If colored denim isn't your style, pair black jeans with a traditional denim jacket.

Level 3

Multiple shades of washed denim. The ultimate denim on denim look mixes washes and shades, such as a lightly washed denim work shirt with dark indigo jeans. Layer even more pieces, such as denim-washed shoes and a denim vest for an even more intense look.

When the first autumn breeze hits the Pittsburgh air, I hope you consider donning denim on denim.

Sarah Sudar, a freelance writer, is author of the PG fashion blog "Clutch." Send questions to .


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