Fights involving Woodland Hills students under investigation

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Woodland Hills School District and Swissvale police are investigating two fights this week that resulted in multiple arrests of Woodland Hills High School students.

Monday's fight at the bus stop at the corner of South Braddock and Woodstock avenues is believed to have involved only students from Woodland Hills High School, but the brawl Tuesday included "a number of adults," acting superintendent Alan Johnson said.

Mr. Johnson said police did not alert the district to any injuries requiring medical treatment. Some students were arrested following the incidents, though Mr. Johnson wasn't sure how many.

While what caused the fights, which each occurred about 2:15 p.m., is still unclear. Mr. Johnson said it likely began with a skirmish between two people.

"Typically these things always boil down to one or two people who had some kind of an argument or some kind of tiff and it extends because they have friends, they have relatives" who live in the area, he said. "What is basically just one interpersonal squabble becomes this sort of thing."

Swissvale police Chief Greg Geppert could not be reached for comment.

Mr. Johnson said the Monday fight stayed near the sidewalk, but the Tuesday brawl spilled onto the road and interfered with traffic with "some significant involvement of adults." Police responded quickly to the brawl Monday and anticipated further conflicts Tuesday, Mr. Johnson said.

He said 10 to 12 students were involved the first day with no more than 15 the next day.

Police and the district will review video of the fights -- which were posted on YouTube and have since been removed -- as part of the investigation.

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