Pitt basketball, football coaches highest paid

Tax filing outlines university's salaries, spending, endowment

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The most recent tax filing for the University of Pittsburgh once again shows that the head basketball and football coaches were paid more than anyone else at the university, including the chancellor, who came in fourth.

The filing -- which covers July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011 -- shows that former head football coach David Wannstedt, who led the team for six seasons until he resigned at the end of 2010, was No. 1 with total compensation package of $1,859,377, including $936,930 in base compensation and $855,000 in bonus and incentive pay.

The pay figures are from calendar year 2010.

Jamie Dixon, who became head basketball coach in 2003, followed at $1,830,176, including $978,154 in base compensation and $681,905 in bonus and incentive pay. Third highest paid was Arthur S. Levine, senior vice chancellor for health sciences and dean of the School of Medicine, with a total package of $829,575, of which $720,057 was base pay.

Chancellor Mark Nordenberg's total package came to $707,190. His pay included $468,934 in base compensation; $78,188 in bonus and incentive compensation; $66,185 in retirement or other deferred compensation; $67,359 in nontaxable benefits; and $26,524 in other reportable income.

The university provided salaries for 13 employees, including its five highest paid nonofficers as well as the pay for all university officers.

Others whose total packages topped $400,000 were: Steven Pederson, athletic director, $596,595; Jerome Cochran, executive vice chancellor and university general counsel, $549,991; Michael Becich, chair of biomedical informatics, $505,324; Massimo Trucco, who holds an endowed chair in pediatric immunology and is director of the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC histocompatibility center, $484,150; James Maher Jr., who was provost from 1994 until he chose to return to the physics classroom on Aug. 31, 2010, $472,443; and Arthur Ramicone, chief financial officer, $407,432.

Others listed in the report were Amy Drueger Marsh, chief investment officer and treasurer, $385,185; Patricia Beeson, who was promoted from vice provost to provost on Sept. 1, 2010, $297,831; and B. Jean Ferketish, board secretary and assistant chancellor, $242,340.

The university also listed its five largest contractors. Topping the list was Sodexo, which provides food service for $27.5 million. The other four are construction contractors: P.J. Dick Inc., $26.2 million; Mascaro, $11.4 million; BPA II, $10.3 million; and Tedco, $9.6 million.

The contractors worked on projects, both large and small, in Oakland as well as on regional campuses.

Its financial statements showed Pitt had a total revenue of $2.2 billion, of which tuition accounted for $642.2 million or about 29 percent.

It showed that the university spent about $463 million on instruction and about $138 million on academic support.

Its largest source of revenue was grants and contracts at $831.9 million, or about 37 percent. This does not count the state grant of about $218 million.

It spent $648.4 million on research as defined by the IRS, but the university considers its research figure to be $801.2 million. During the year, the university's endowment grew from $2 billion to $2.5 billion, an increase of 24 percent. Overall, its total expenses showed an increase of 4 percent over the prior year.

In a statement released by spokesman John Fedele, Pitt officials noted the university has cut nearly $200 million in ongoing operating costs during the past four years. These include energy conservation; streamlined purchasing and contract negotiation procedures; paperless billing, reporting and accounting processes; administrative restructuring; and programmatic consolidation.

The cost controls also included a salary freeze in fiscal 2010 for all staff and faculty as well as a salary freeze for senior executives in fiscal 2009 and 2010.

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