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IF ENGLISH TEACHERS are doing their job, students might learn the immortal lines from the poet John Milton about dancing: "Come, and trip it as ye go / On the light fantastic toe, / And in thy right hand lead with thee, / The mountain-nymph, sweet Liberty." In Mt. Lebanon, the mountain nymphs have been taking too many liberties with the boys and vice versa and there's nothing fantastic about it. As reported by the Post-Gazette's Molly Born on Wednesday, school officials have banned so-called "grinding" -- a type of dirty dancing vividly described in the name -- at their dances. Of course, grinding is popular around the country, not just in Mt. Lebanon, and good luck to the authorities there in trying to restore decorum to school dances. But every generation of kids has music and dances to drive the old folks crazy. Alas, the days of tripping the light fantastic are a paradise lost.

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT, The Who once sang, and nobody old believed it back then. The proof that they are all right in our time was obvious last weekend when more than 1,000 visitors under age 30 were here from around the world to attend the third One Young World summit. By all reports, it was a highly successful event. The delegates from the so-called Millennial generation debated the world's problems, listened to some stellar speakers (such as former President Bill Clinton and ex-U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan), experienced Pittsburgh's charms and generally made new friends. The summit, previously held in London and Zurich, will next be held in Johannesburg in 2013. That puts Pittsburgh in good company and it can take a bow for a job well done.



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