Cybertainment: Crazy stunts on 'Game Changers'

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Imagine taking the crazy stunts one does so effortlessly on computer game screens and executing them in real life. That's the premise behind the new Web series "Game Changers."

It's hosted by actor and former football player Lee Reherman, along with Michele Boyd and Ryan Welsh -- a trio that seems ready to try anything.

The show explores the history of different video game devices, such as the use of jetpacks for rapid travel, before shifting to the real-world demonstrations and competitions among the three hosts.

In the first episode, they don jet packs and paint guns and fly around Long Beach, Calif. In another, they explore the world of zombie killing with the help of a simulated dummy zombie and plenty of weapons and fake blood.

"Game Changers" comes from online game developer Red 5 Studios and Stage 5 TV, a network dedicated to gaming culture.

Twitter is reinventing the online music listening experience with the launch of a new music discovery service called Twitter #music.

Based on Twitter activity and tweets about pop music, Twitter #music presents songs in several ways -- most popular, emerging artists, suggestions based on the Twitter user's own musical tastes. Listeners also can see and hear who other musicians are following on Twitter.

Listeners will hear 30-second samples of the song from iTunes. If they subscribe to Spotify or Rdio, they'll hear the full track.

It's available as a free iPhone/iPad app, with an Android version in the works. Or people can listen online through the Twitter #music website.

The 17th generation of Webby Award winners is on the horizon, and the award show's own website is marking the occasion with a look back at all of the previous award winners.

The Webby Winners Gallery + Archive is an online collection of all the Webby winners, dating back to 1997, when the awards were launched.

The archive is worth exploring to see how Web design has grown and evolved over the years, and how some sites -- like Amazon and The Onion -- have become household words. It also reflects how the Webbys have grown over the years, starting with a handful of categories.

The gallery features screen shots of the Webby Winners, People's Voice award winners and past and present nominees.

Some sites, especially in earlier years, are missing from the archive, and the Webbys have launched a crowd-sourced effort to fill in the blanks with missing screen grabs and credits.

This year's winners will be announced April 30, and the awards ceremony will held May 21 with Patton Oswalt hosting.

A new app takes players on a virtual archaeological dig.

"Pay Dirt: Treasures of Chichen Itza" is an iPhone/iPad app ($1.99) that simulates the world of digging for artifacts. Using onscreen tools, players find and excavate Mayan artifacts and build their private collections. The skill comes in choosing the right tool and exercising patience during the digging process in order to avoid damaging artifacts.

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