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You can find just about anything published to the Web site by using our search engine. Enter relevant keywords or enter a date to find articles dating as far back as early 1998. Not all content from the newspaper is published to the site. Click here for our content FAQ. If you'd like to find an article from the newspaper, give our paid newspaper archive a try. It is the official archive of what's been published in the newspaper. Searching is free but a small fee is charged for full article retrieval. For more information on searching, visit our search page.

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Ads can be placed online or by phone or fax. Click here for information on classified ad deadlines, contact numbers and available ad classifications.

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Sometimes, mistakes happen. If you have found a bad link or missing story or photo, please let us know in specific terms. Fill out our technical problem form and provide details like where you saw the link or what story or photo was missing. We'll do our best to correct the situation immediately.

Can you tell me how to reach a particular reporter?

Chances are good that the contact information for that staff member is listed at the bottom of their article. If you can't find it there, try e-mailing him or her directly. Post-Gazette e-mail addresses are generally first initial and last name of the person, as in

How do I submit a letter to the editor or contact the sports department?

You can contact any individual department of the Post-Gazette by choosing a category below. You'll be taken to a form that will transmit your information securely to the people who can best help you. If your question or comment doesn't fit into any of these categories, choose "Web site Help".

How can I get an internship at the Post-Gazette?

If you're a college student interested in working as an intern in the Post-Gazette newsroom, check our requirements and application process here.

Post-Gazette Dining Guide and

The Post Gazette has partnered with (, the nation's largest online menu site, to bring you online ordering, restaurant menu searching, Dining Deals, and much, much more. Check out our Dining Guide for details.

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