Desperate for Dana, New Orleans draws candidates, Sly Stone out of hiding

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Well, somebody stop the presses!

TMZ is reporting that Nicole Richie is pregnant by her boyfriend of six months Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden.

She may get married some time this summer, according to In Touch magazine.

Finally some "Desperate Housewives" news that has nothing to do with a certain somebody's wedding.

Seems the show is wooing Emmy winner Dana Delany, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

You know show creator/executive producer Marc Cherry wanted Miss Delany for the role of Bree in the pilot, but she turned it down.

She's probably been kicking herself or having someone else do it for her ever since.

Now, however, she's getting a second chance. Dana would be playing a woman with a younger husband, who might be played by Nathan Fillion. You know he's in Keri Russell's new film, "Waitress."

Yesterday we mentioned the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, which is going down tomorrow through Saturday.

Now, we've learned that none other than Sen. Hillary Clinton will be there getting her groove on.

Seriously, you know she's coming to hustle up a few votes 'cause we can't really see Mrs. Clinton, dropping it like it's hot.

Speaking of hot, Sen. Barack Obama will be in the house, too. He'll be speaking at the festival tomorrow.

Oh, please won't somebody with a lot of money and connections just send us, pleeeeease!

Jay Z better stick close 'cause we hear that Sen. Obama is a HUGE Beyonce fan.

John Stamos says don't compare him to a middle-aged former "Baywatch" star who can't handle eating a hamburger when he falls off the wagon.

John said it was jet lag and the sleep aid Ambien that combined to really mess him up during a recent trip to Australia to promote "ER."

"I do not have an alcohol problem. I am not David Hasselhoff," he said.


We told y'all last week that the hunky Mr. Stamos couldn't seem to get his thoughts together during one interview and had a nasty meltdown during another while visiting Down Under last week.

But he said all the travel plus taking a sleeping pill at 5 a.m. when you really need to be able to devote eight hours to sleep is what did him in.

Sly Stone, who was sporting a blond mohawk (not a good look, baby) the last time we saw him at the 2006 Grammys, said he wants to put out an album.

At least that's said in an interview in next month's Vanity Fair.

We're amazed Sly can still talk and think, considering the amount of drugs he consumed back in the day.

But we digress.

You know Sly's been hiding out at home for nearly 25 years not talking to too many folks.

So they asked him why make a comeback now?

" 'Cause it's kind of boring at home sometimes," he tells the magazine. "I got a lot of songs I want to record and put out, so I'm gonna try 'em out on the road. That's the way it's always worked the best: Let's try it out and see how the people feel."

Hits by Sly and the Family Stone include "Everyday People," "Dance to the Music," "I Want to Take You Higher" and "Stand!"

And let's not forget "Hot Fun in the Summertime."

Look like those who know a word of prayer need to send some more up for Lauryn Hill.

Seems L Boogie's performance at the Oakland Paramount Theatre last week was pilloried by critics and some folks demanded their money back, reports

Jim Harrington of the San Jose Mercury News wrote: "How bad was this concert? Well, calling it fiasco would be an insult to fiascos everywhere."


Jim went on to say that Lauryn's voice was shaky, she rambled, stumbled around on stage and at one point actually fell on her back.

You know her multi-Grammy-winning "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" was released nearly 10 years ago, and she ain't been right since.

We gonna keep sending them up for you, girl!

Well, we gonna send a birthday shout out to Lindsay Lohan, who is now legally old enough to drink but really shouldn't.

So we hope she was sipping on some mineral water during her little Malibu shindig yesterday.

Dana Delany
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