Ipso Facto with Ralph Cindrich: NFL agent who earned his J.D. while playing in the NFL

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Ralph Cindrich is an NFL agent who earned his J.D. while playing in the NFL. Over the past 30 years, he has represented more than 30 Pro Bowl players and more than 20 first-round draft choices. He's also the outgoing president of the Sports and Entertainment Law division of the Allegheny County Bar Association. Ipso Facto spoke with Cindrich about balancing law school with professional football and the looming legal issues in the sports agency:

Ipso: Where do player safety and the law intersect?

Cindrich: It becomes a legal issue once you have mass tort actions, which certainly are taking place right now. That always catches the attention of big industry, employers and the public at large. It's more pronounced now, the damage done to individuals playing the game, and very likely, all the same problems are there with college players -- the joint problems, the concussions. I don't know anybody playing this game who hasn't been knocked out or pretty darn close.

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