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Defense department renews $1.73 billion contract with CMU

The school’s SEI is the only federally funded research/development center dedicated to cybersecurity and software engineering.

about 21 hours ago

Acrobatiq snags $9.75 million from Gates Foundation, Draper Triangle

The South Side-based adaptive learning and analytics software company received a $9.75 million Series A round of funding.

about 20 hours ago

 Carnegie Mellon University's robot soccer team.

Tiny dynasty: CMU robot soccer team wins fifth world title in China

The squad, featuring robots less than 6 inches high, beat a team from Iran in the finals and didn’t allow a single goal in the tournament.

about 17 hours ago

Ced Kurtz’s Techman Texts: New Windows OS releases tomorrow

Plus: A big week for space: NASA

1 day ago

 The city’s budget office has started rounding up records of all the cameras purchased by neighborhood groups with public funds.

Pittsburgh seeking to implement surveillance camera privacy policy

Latest in a series: City officials are trying to implement the ordinance, but some parts are blockaded by the Coast Guard.

2 days ago

 Siva Cycle Atom

Don Lindich's Sound Advice: Charging devices on the run

Siva Cycle Atom converts the energy of your ride into charging power for your device.

3 days ago

Push in Pittsburgh aims to put digital badges on resumes of the future

The Sprout Fund is among organizations hoping to show employers the value of the low-cost certifications.

5 days ago

 Gov. Tom Wolf visits with people at his table Monday before speaking about taxes and growing the state economy at a breakfast meeting of the Pittsburgh Technology Council at the Rivers Club.

Gov. Tom Wolf pitches budget proposal to Pittsburgh Technology Council

Tax overhaul, increased education spending and a renewed campaign to attract tech businesses and investors were touted.

1 week ago

 "I get to hear music I would never in a million years listen to, especially on Friday and Saturday nights,” said George DeBolt.

Pittsburgh's older ride-sharing drivers offer wisdom behind the wheel

Driving for companies such as Uber and Lyft allows retirement-age workers a chance to supplement their incomes.

1 week ago

 According to an online “transparency report,” Facebook received 14,274 requests involving 21,731 accounts from U.S. law enforcement agencies in the second half of 2014.

Surveillance Society: Throw the (Face)book at 'em

Prosecutors can use such social media postings even if the material doesn’t directly address criminal activity.

1 week ago

 A crowd gathers in February during a demonstration at Seneca Valley School District's annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Fair at the senior high school.

Study finds parents still don't understand STEM job opportunities

Alcoa Foundation survey shows many parents support science and technical education but have misperceptions about careers in those fields.

1 week ago

Don Lindich's Sound Advice: Finding a tabletop radio with a great tuner

C. Crane radios can reach a range of bands.

1 week ago

Authorities: CMU student was hacker who developed, sold malware

The malware designer who went by the name “Android” on Darkode was a CMU student who had designed Android apps since high school.

1 week ago

 J. Keith Mularski, supervisory special agent for the FBI Pittsburgh's cyber squad, monitors cyber criminal activities at National Cyber Forensic and Training Alliance Center, a nonprofit based in South Oakland.

How Pittsburgh became a global center for fighting cybercrime

Both computer skills and personal relationships have made the city a cybercrime fighting leader.

1 week ago

 “Twitter is not a representative sample of the rest of America. People have to keep that in mind,” said a partner at consulting firm Coldspark Media.

Does Twitter outrage lead to tangible action? CMU study fails to find link

Highly publicized spats on the social media platform pack more digital bark than real-world bite.

1 week ago

 In this week’s Science journal, CMU's Tom Mitchell, pictured, and University of California-Berkeley professor Michael Jordan describe the state of the art in machine learning and speculate about where the field is headed.

CMU professor at forefront of machine learning research

Computers that teach themselves affect nearly every part of our lives, from finances to communication.

1 week ago

 FBI agents for the Pittsburgh cyber squad monitor cyber criminal activities at National Cyber Forensic and Training Alliance Center, a nonprofit based in South Oakland.

International cybercrime marketplace taken down

Darkode was created, according to an indictment, to bring together “the most talented hackers and cyber criminals in one virtual location.”

1 week ago

 Because Highmark will buy the services in bulk, it expects to get them at a discount, which should help contain any impact on prices for policies, according to the company.

Blue Cross Blue Shield rolls out new identity protections

The push should include many of the 5.3 million people covered through Downtown-based Highmark Inc.

2 weeks ago

 Most people neither change their faces, nor hide them as they walk the camera-infested streets, creating a bridge between online activity and real life.

Surveillance Society: Who has the rights to your face?

With class actions lawsuits and divisive “stakeholder meetings,” facial recognition is one of the hot privacy battlegrounds.

2 weeks ago

 Oppo BDP-105D Darbee Edition Blu-ray player.

Sound Advice: Blu-ray player usage determines its price

Q. Some time ago, you wrote about the Oppo BDP-103D Darbee Edition Blu-ray player. It sells for $599. On the Oppo website I also found the

2 weeks ago

 A sticker with the Uber logo is displayed in the window of a car on June 12, 2014 in San Francisco, California.

Surveillance Society: Uber's use of customers' data raises concerns

Ride-share giant Uber tracks passengers even when the user disables the GPS features.

2 weeks ago

 CMU students show how to use the YinzCam — developed in 2008 — that was offered at Mellon Arena so audience members could see replays of the Penguins on a mobile device.

Penguins seek startup ideas to help spark new technologies for games, fans

The Penguins and Pittsburgh Technology Council requested brief videos or essays explaining the ideas and how they can benefit the team.

2 weeks ago

 Office of Personnel Management director Katherine Archuleta testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington on June 25.

OPM chief resigns after severe cyberattack; Navy says fingerprints stolen

Katherine Archuleta’s agency disclosed this week that hackers stole the personal information of more than 21 million people.

2 weeks ago

 Anind Dey, left, of CMU, is leading the team coordinating with Google and other universities to use Internet sensors in many locations to allow connectivity beyond current use. Ph.D. candidate Adrian de Freitas, right, demonstrates connectivity through sensors with his smart phone.

CMU experiment aspires to make Pittsburgh world’s first ‘smart city’

A Carnegie Mellon University plan aims to turn the campus and the city of Pittsburgh into a lab for the Internet of Things products.

2 weeks ago

Microsoft cuts 7,800 jobs as phone sales lag

Microsoft’s Windows Phone system has gained little traction against Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android system.

2 weeks ago

 After a recent study, researchers said potential implications for widespread discrimination through targeted advertising were apparent.

CMU researchers see disparity in targeted online job ads

Job seekers of equal qualifications were not given equal opportunities to view ads touting high-paying executive positions.

3 weeks ago

Pittsburgh company Astrobotic hits NASA milestone in its quest for the moon

Astrobotic has adjusted its software and has enjoyed successful simulated lunar landings over and over again.

3 weeks ago

Ced Kurtz’s Techman Texts: E-book prices will remain irregular

Plus: the first class of basic computer use; and two of the majors unveiled their streaming music services recently.

3 weeks ago

Facebook eyes potential for growth across Africa

With growth stymied elsewhere, the social network wants to open up the continent for its “next billion users.”

3 weeks ago

 Differential pricing — the economic term for setting different prices for the same product for different customers — has long been a feature of commerce in one form or another.

Surveillance Society: Is online pricing custom-made?

With Internet searches adding to digital profiles, have consumers’ best prices online been predetermined based on shopping history?

3 weeks ago

 The Satechi Smart Travel Adapter

Don Lindich's Sound Advice: Finding the right settings for TV audio

Plus: Some tips from a reader on charging devices while traveling abroad.

3 weeks ago

 Solar Impulse 2 pilots Bertrand Piccard, left, and Andre Borschberg celebrate Friday after they landed at Kalaeloa Airport, Hawaii. Solar impulse 2 is attempting to be the first solar powered airplane to fly around the world without using fuel. The airplane took off from Nagoya, Japan, on its eighth leg and flew nonstop before landing on Oahu.

Solar plane lands in Hawaii after record-breaking flight

The wings were equipped with 17,000 solar cells that charged batteries. The plane ran on stored energy at night.

3 weeks ago

 Beyond memory, introducing new ingredients into the current password stew can only increase variety and hamper hacking attempts, according to one expert.

Can emoji passwords confuse hackers?

A U.K. firm is betting emojis are the next frontier in password protection.

3 weeks ago

Green Tree-based 360fly to acquire portion of VSN Mobil

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed but a news release said the deal includes 24 engineers who will become part of the

3 weeks ago

 Google has agreed to add the nation’s 250,000 railroad crossings to its mapping and mobile applications.

Getting on track: Google set to add U.S. railroad crossings to apps, online maps

Crashes and deaths rose at rail crossings last year, reversing a long trend of decreases.

4 weeks ago