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 Sabrina Maurer, left, and Kimberly Underwood were married in 2001, but have only recently had their union legally recognized as a common-law marriage.

Same-sex couple receive retroactive common-law marriage status in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania judge ruled that Sabrina Maurer’s marriage to her late wife should be retroactively recognized as a common law marriage.

1 day ago

Bar code on envelope violates debt-collection act

The judge determined the use of the bar code increases the risk that the receiver could be a victim of identity theft.

1 day ago

Business Workshop: Cross-train employees to gain flexibility, efficiency

A business at which only one person knows how to do one or more tasks is asking for trouble.

1 day ago

 A 1927 version of "The Everyday Song Book", part of the University of Pittsburgh's Special Collections, is the "smoking-gun" evidence that the 1893 ditty "Happy Birthday to You" should be free for public use and not subject to copyright restrictions, lawyers say.

Pitt library songbook key to lawsuit over ‘Happy Birthday’ rights

A songbook found at Pitt shows that “Happy Birthday” isn’t copyrighted, lawyers say, calling it the “smoking gun” in a long legal dispute.

6 days ago

Rebranding ‘not just for the big guys’

Midsize firms should center on a unified message that sets the firm apart from its competition.

1 week ago

Business Workshop: Vacant or occupied?

Mortgage lenders of a property up for tax sale had better pay close attention to whether the house is vacant or occupied when it is sold.

1 week ago

Elder Law: So much for 'reactive' estate planning

Julian Gray and Frank Petrich discuss the right time to contact an elder law attorney.

1 week ago

Lawyers cautioned on ‘cashing in’ on gay marriage ruling

It’s issues like this that have family law lawyers warning against just any attorney claiming expertise in the area of LGBT legal affairs.

2 weeks ago

Business Workshop: Employers must file amended petition every time H-1B worker moves

Employers that don’t file an amended H-1B petition should be prepared that the government may revoke the visa.

2 weeks ago

 Joseph Dougherty, left, will become CEO of Downtown Pittsburgh law firm Buchanan Ingersoll & Roone effective June 2016, succeeding current CEO John "Jack" Barbour, right, who will transition to the role of executive chairman.

Buchanan Ingersoll names new CEO-elect

Joseph A. Dougherty will succeed John “Jack” Barbour as the firm’s CEO, managing director and chairman of the board effective June 2016.

2 weeks ago

Business Workshop: Consumers trust family businesses

Consumers trust family businesses a whopping 30 percent more than they trust large corporations.

3 weeks ago

 Jeff Fox, of Finleyville, Pa., signs off after his drug testing with Kelly Wilhelm at a construction site in the Uptown section of Pittsburgh. Fox is a carpenter with Easley & Rivers Construction of Monroeville. Wilhelm is with Mobile Medical Corp., a Bethel Park drug-testing company.

As marijuana attitudes ease, workplace drug testing companies brace for fight

Businesses and drug testing companies expect more challenges as state laws increasingly clash with federal policy on marijuana use.

3 weeks ago

Business Workshop: Minimum wage may cover more ground than thought

Many employers may not realize that they are federal subcontractors.

4 weeks ago