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Travelers to pay $36M in asbestos cases

A Pennsylvania judge ruled the $21 million agreed upon by Travelers and plaintiff, should have $15 million in interest tacked on to it.

about 14 hours ago

Business Workshop: Ruling makes it harder for contractors to collect

Contractors and subcontractors have less clout in securing prompt payment on government projects now.

about 14 hours ago

Two court cases could upend centuries-old real estate laws

Both of the oil and gas cases feature old, complicated deeds and confusion about who owned mineral rights.

1 week ago

Business Workshop: Stormwater fees affect commercial properties

The cost of improving Allegheny County’s aging sewer system will likely mean additional fees for many commercial property owners.

1 week ago

Elder Law Guys: New estate planning issues emerging since the arrival of same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania

Couples should look at issues such as custody of children and protections for real estate ownership.

1 week ago

Pennsylvania legalized pot might create work lawyers fear going after

Ethics concerns are forcing lawyers to sit back on what could be the biggest industry to come to the state since the legalization of gaming.

2 weeks ago

 Evan Wolfson

Pitt Constitution Day event explores gay rights movement

The talk will focus on other issues facing the LGBT community following June’s Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

2 weeks ago

FTC ruling will lead to more cybersecurity suits, lawyers say

It could affect the likes of Sony, Ashley Madison, Target and Home Depot, Scott Vernick, a Philadelphia-based Fox Rothschild attorney, said.

3 weeks ago

Business Workshop: Take advantage of ‘E’ investor visas

More businesses are taking advantage of partnerships with foreign investors by bringing them here through the treaty investor visa program.

3 weeks ago

Pa. Supreme Court hears appeal of case involving Luzerne County public defender’s office

Attorneys filed a lawsuit, claiming the office could not adequately represent its clients with the level of funding that it received.

3 weeks ago

Business Workshop: No municipal lien notice

Property owners are not entitled to be given notice that their local government has placed a lien on their property.

4 weeks ago