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Supreme Court’s mandatory minimum ruling viewed as ‘game-changer’

The state Supreme Court’s decision leaves the question of whether these schemes will return in the hands of the General Assembly.

5 days ago

Business Workshop: Top court gives firms new class-action shield

Two Supreme Court decisions remind businesses about the power of contracts.

5 days ago

 Attorneys Jerry Dickinson, left, and Dan Vitek, right, on the steps of the City County Building where their pro bono cases involving low-income tenants facing eviction are heard.

Teaming up to help Pittsburgh-area tenants in public housing eviction cases

Neighborhood Legal Services Association and Reed Smith want to offer the legal help that many residents don’t have access to.

1 week ago

Mark Martini elected president of Allegheny County Bar Association

Mark Martini is a partner at Robb Leonard Mulvihill, Downtown,

1 week ago

Business Workshop: Simpler to merge, acquire and convert following new Pennsylvania law

The new Pennsylvania Entity Transaction Law makes significant changes to Title 15 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.

1 week ago

Business Workshop: Don’t forget employee training

Training should be fluid and help an employee grow throughout his or her career.

2 weeks ago

Racial bias suit against Johns Hopkins allowed to survive school’s motion to dismiss

But the judge tossed a claim for breach of contract because the statute of limitations had passed.

3 weeks ago