Personal Finance

Fannie, Freddie to accept lower down payment mortgages

The move from a 5 percent down payment could increase the ability of creditworthy but cash-strapped consumers to become homeowners.

2 days ago

Michelle Singletary’s The Color of Money: Getting caught in a co-sign trap

A greater percentage of people 60 or older have student loans and the average amount of loans has increased to $27,168 from $14,696 in 2005.

4 days ago

Consumer Reports: Tips for living well in later years

As Americans live longer, it’s important to take steps to get the most out of those years.

1 week ago

Heather Murray's Good Question: Breaking down monthly expenses

Heather Murray suggests percentages of income that should go to housing, transportation, savings and debt.

1 week ago

 Marisela Martinez-Cola, left, and her husband, Greg, send their son to private school and have hired a tutor to improve David's reading — expenses made possible by Greg’s salary.

School spending by affluent is widening wealth gap

Their average education spending per child jumped 35 percent to $5,210 a year during the recession compared with the two preceding years.

1 week ago

 The 2014 BMW X5 is new for the model year. A diesel version recorded mileage readings in the high 20s and offered plenty of power.

Scott Sturgis’ Driver’s Seat: BMW X5 worth every penny

The BMW offers such intuitive controls and handles so well that it’s like being one with the road.

1 week ago

 About 60 percent of payment terminals, such as the one above, will have been upgraded to accept chip cards by the end of next year. Among major retailers, Walmart is leading the transition — almost all of its terminals accept the cards.

'Smart cards': Chipping away at credit card fraud

Smart cards with microchips are on the way: What you need to know.

2 weeks ago

 Lower prices on silver jewelry could be in store for the holidays if the metal’s value continues to drop, according to an expert at the Henne jewelry store in Shadyside.

Silver's slide hurting investors, but may help shoppers

Gold’s “crazy cousin” has dropped significantly in value, and some experts fear the worst is yet to come.

2 weeks ago

Getting to know smart cards

Some highlights on smart cards:

2 weeks ago

 The 2014 Audi Q5 TDI doesn’t hint that it’s a diesel, besides a slight ticking at idle.

Scott Sturgis’ Driver’s Seat: Audi Q5 proves luxury and diesel can coexist

In the Q5, it’s less than perfect, but that’s not the engine’s fault.

3 weeks ago

 What a scan shows on BuyPartisan

BuyPartisan app ensures that purchases are politically correct

Scan a product’s bar code with this smartphone app -- and up pops a record of campaign contributions made by the company.

3 weeks ago

The Color of Money: Information can prevent having regrets about a reverse mortgage

Understanding reverse mortgages and their implications are important in avoiding surprises later.

3 weeks ago

Elder Law: Planning for long-term care can't be left to chance

The aging of the U.S. population will put long-term care into focus.

3 weeks ago

Consumer Reports: Popular food labels often lack meaning

Words such as “fresh,” “real,” and “artisinal” sound appealing but often are marketing tactics.

3 weeks ago


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