City Police brass defend promotions

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Listen to excerpts of comments about the recent Pittsburgh police promotions:
Deputy Police Chief Paul James Donaldson
Donaldson's comments on George Trosky
Donaldson's comments on Charles Rodriguez
Donaldson's comments on Eugene Hlavac
Fraternal Order of Police President James Malloy


Pittsburgh's police brass made no mistakes in the promotions Monday of three officers with histories of domestic violence, Deputy Chief Paul Donaldson said at a news conference today.

"There is concern among the public that the police were negligent in promoting these three individuals," he said. "We have the right people. I'm asking the public to give us a chance."

"It isn't like they're mashers, running around beating someone's brains in," said Fraternal Order of Police President James Malloy of the three officers. "They have demonstrated over the last few years that they are conscientious."

Charles Rodriguez, who was promoted from sergeant to lieutenant, has a pending criminal case in Ingram, where police charged him with simple assault for an April incident with his daughter.

Chief Donaldson said he was "confident" he would be cleared.

Eugene F. Hlavac, who was elevated to sergeant from patrolman, was the subject of two police responses to his home this year after he argued with his girlfriend.

Chief Donaldson called those incidents arguments.

A third officer who was promoted, George T. Trosky, went from homicide detective to commander.

Cmdr. Trosky was arrested in 1997 for breaking his then-wife's nose and drunken driving. The former charge was dropped when his ex-wife did not show up in court and the latter was dismissed when his blood alcohol test was deemed inadmissible. Nevertheless, he was demoted over the incident, from sergeant to patrolman.

The promotions have been questioned by domestic violence advocates, the head of the Police Citizen Review Board, and City Council President Doug Shields.


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