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• Expert Q-and-A: AARP sex adviser Pepper Schwartz shares views on intimate senior activity

• Expert Q-and-A: Obesity specialist Nadia Pietrzykowska lends insight on weight challenges of older adults

• Expert Q-and-A: Orthopedic surgeon, fitness writer Vonda Wright offers guidance on getting in shape

Dementia research conclusion: No evidence yet of behavior to prevent it 6-23-17

Comprehensive program for seniors expanding in McKeesport, Lower Burrell 6-20-17

Study finds alcohol affects muscle mass in postmenopausal women 6-13-17

Hospitals now expected to try to identify patients’ caregivers 5-25-17

UPMC Shadyside focuses on preventing patients’ delirium 4-4-17

• Physical activity helps older heart patients improve lives, heart experts say 3-25-17

Owning a dog can be a big health boost for seniors 3-21-17

Osteoporosis treatment is in crisis with lower drug usage 3-14-17

Frailty screening brings better results after surgery, study says 11-30-2016

$21.8 million grant awarded for Pitt study on whether exercise improves memory, cognition 11-5-2016

Studies shows people get more benefits from exercise as they age 11-1-2016

Class provides caregivers tools for coping with stress 9-19-16

Study: Active, pleasurable sex lives of older men may have heart risk 9-13-2016

Local site to offer screenings for lapses in memory 8-22-2016

Confab to push exercise for seniors 8-15-2016

• Research links computer brain game to reduced dementia risk 7-25-2016

• Legislators join call for Medicare to cover hearing aids 6-24-2016

• Addiction expert: Many elderly fighting prescription drug abuse 6-24-2016

Older adults addressing obesity in Pitt research study 6-14-2016

• Study finds net gains for elderly from bigger blood pressure reduction 5-24-2016

• AHN network launches new Parkinson’s center in Bellevue 4-12-2016

Grief is a journey, but not toward an unachievable goal of “closure” 3-07-2016

• It’s not just dollars and cents at Redstone Highlands senior living community 3-06-2016

Hospice fraud estimates as high as $65 billion 3-06-2016

Pennsylvania starts process of building managed care system for older and disabled adults 3-03-2016

Study: In just seven years, manufacturer price hikes doubled average price of prescription drugs widely used by seniors 2-29-2016

Risk of dementia is declining but scientists don’t know why 2-12-2016

Alzheimer’s may exact its revenge on those holding negative beliefs about older people 12-09-2015

Learning to deal with customers struggling with dementia 10-06-2015

Longevity center tries to rekindle patient memories with a gym for your brain 12-04-2014

Special Report: The New Old Age — Unlocking the secret to longevity 11-16-2014

Long-lived smokers may be a biologically distinct group with an extraordinary gene 09-10-2015

The best brain exercise might be physical 5-07-2015

Pitt researchers find some hope in Alzheimer’studies 5-05-2015

One hundred is the new 80 1-25-2015

• Your older years: Lifespan or healthspan? 12-09-2014

Moderate exercising beneficial to the aging 5-27-2014

• Steady on your feet: The older you are, the more devastating a fall can be 3-06-2014


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