Terrence Hayes: "This is so overwhelming I can’t say what will come of it."

Pittsburgh poet Terrance Hayes named a MacArthur Fellow

The University of Pittsburgh professor, who also holds a master’s from Pitt, won a National Book Award in 2010. “I’m dumbfounded,” he said.

about 5 hours ago

 The Mind Cure Records release of The Bats' live show in May 1984, featuring the not-yet-famous author Michael Chabon on vocals.

Author Michael Chabon's 1984 Pittsburgh punk rock performance released by Mind Cure

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author, a Pitt grad, sang with The Bats, briefly. One show is part of a local label’s archival releases.

about 5 hours ago

Book reviews: 'The Tree House That Jack Built,' 'Mighty Dads' and more

With the dog days of summer behind us, it’s time for shorter days, cooler temperatures, and new books.

about 5 hours ago

Carnegie Library opens poetry series

Toi Derricotte, Vanessa German kick off a new poetry reading series at the Oakland branch of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh on Saturday.

1 day ago

 Sean Madigan Hoen.

Book reviews: Two new books play on songs of the Rust Belt

Authors Ed Davis and Sean Madigan Hoen explore changing musical fortunes in a novel and an autobiography.

2 days ago

 Ed Piskor, author of "Hip Hop" books

'Hip Hop Family Tree, Vol. 2': Cartoonist Ed Piskor continues his quest for the perfect beat

Ed Piskor, straight out of Munhall, develops characters he introduced from the early days of hip-hop.

3 days ago

 "Some of what he writes about recalls Winston Churchill’s comment, 'History will be kind to me because I intend to write it.' "

'World Order': Henry Kissinger surveys the globe (somewhat selectively)

Used to looking at the grand scheme of things, Kissinger grasps global shifts well, but shows blind spots on Africa and Latin America.

3 days ago

 Diana Bretherick, author of "City of Devils"

'City of Devils': In the shadows of Turin, a compelling 19th-century mystery

Diana Bretherick shows that the catacombs of the Vatican have nothing on Turin’s eerie, winding roads.

3 days ago

Daniel Wilson returns to the robot apocalypse in 'Robogenesis'

Humans create robots that rise up against their creators in this sequel to 2011’s “Robopocalypse.”

1 week ago

'The Lost': Looking for love in lost places

Sarah Beth Durst combines sci-fi, mystery, romance and mysticism in her Harlequin romance.

1 week ago

 "Flight 93" by Tom McMillan.

'Flight 93': The heroism over Somerset on 9/11

Author Tom McMillan brings Flight 93 into deeper historical focus in new book out Thursday.

1 week ago

'Three Rivers': Love, Pittsburgh style, done right

Lawyer turned romance novelist Chloe T. Barlow gets love in the ’Burgh right.

1 week ago

 "Masterful Marks: Cartoonists Who Changed the World" by Monte Beauchamp.

'Masterful Marks: Cartoonists Who Changed the World': Smorgasbord on the funny pages

Monte Beauchamp arranges a glorious mash-up: 16 contemporary cartoonists telling the stories of 16 groundbreaking cartoonists.

1 week ago

 James Ellroy, author of "Perfidia."

James Ellroy’s 'Perfidia': L.A. noir on steroids

Despite missteps, “Perfida” has a compelling power. It is violent, absurd and often vile, but then, so is America.

1 week ago

 Joseph O'Neill, author of "The Dog."

'The Dog': Joseph O’Neill tells an ultramodern tale of life in Dubai

O’Neill follows “Netherland” with a journey to the shimmering desert: part thriller, part cultural critique, part philosophical exploration.

1 week ago

 The 10-year-old statue of James Joyce with its shiny left shoulder on the Grand Canal in Trieste.

A portrait of James Joyce in Trieste

Trieste is a lively Italian seaport city where James Joyce spent his formative years in the early 20th century.

1 week ago

'A Colony Sprung From Hell': Tracing Western Pennsylvania's roots finds an area engulfed in turmoil

Daniel Barr traces the contentious, bloody early history of the region and unearths the roots of resistance to central authority.

1 week ago

 Greenfield teacher Kelly Coleman's debut novel, "Holding On and Letting Go," deals with a teenage girl’s experiences after the loss of her 10-year-old brother to cancer.

Greenfield teacher Kelly Coleman publishes teen novel

Tired of reading about shallow, damsel-in-distress characters, she wrote “Holding On and Letting Go” with "full and dynamic characters."

1 week ago

 David Mitchell.

'The Bone Clocks': David Mitchell conjures a triumphant tale of mystics and desperate youth

Arguably the best novelist writing today, Mitchell returns to the literature of mortality like a Babylonian to the epic of Gilgamesh.

2 weeks ago

 Tawni O'Dell delivers a "small-town gothic novel" in “One of Us."

'One of Us': Tawni O'Dell's tale of high fashion and old injustices in Pennsylvania coal country

The small coal mining town of Lost Creek and its residents are the winning feature of Ms. O’Dell’s talent.

2 weeks ago

How Richardson Dilworth, a scion of old Pittsburgh, became one of Philadelphia's great mayors

The Dilworths were never as rich or as famous as the Carnegies or the Mellons, but they were not far behind.

2 weeks ago

 Edan Lepucki "seems to be one of those hyper-aware young women who are sensitive to every raised eyebrow."

'California': After the apocalypse, Edan Lepucki asks if you can ever go home again

Love in the ruins: Edan Lepucki’s first novel is set in an American future that could be just around the corner.

2 weeks ago

'Madame Picasso': the passion of the painter

Exploring the painter’s zest for Eva Gouel, Anne Girard’s historically accurate story is not your mother’s romance novel.

2 weeks ago

 Yelena Akhtiorskaya's "unique linguistic gifts reflect and even illuminate her rough-textured worlds."

'Panic in a Suitcase': Yelena Akhtiorskaya pens a funny tale of Russian emigres

Like some traditional Russian meals, Yelena Akhtiorskaya’s debut novel “Panic in a Suitcase” is a matter of many courses

3 weeks ago

The women of Amy Bloom's 'Lucky Us' improvise in dark times

Amy Bloom is a sublime weaver of intricate and sober stories that surprise us with flashes of hilarity.

3 weeks ago

'Our Great Big American God': a wry history of America's very patriotic Deity

Matthew Paul Turner tries to tell the story of how Americans’ perceptions of God have changed over the course of history.

3 weeks ago

 John Verdon, author of "Peter Pan Must Die."

'Peter Pan Must Die': intricate plot, plastic protagonists

David Gurney, a retired NYPD detective, returns in this fourth in a series crime puzzler. Read if you must.

3 weeks ago

'The Bear': A terror-filled ordeal of kids on their own after an attack

Claire Cameron’s novel, imagining the aftermath of a real bear attack, is an intriguing concept but maybe not scary enough.

4 weeks ago

'The Little Green Book': Going green goes to the extreme in a sci-fi eco-thriller

Brian Herbert makes you think about the possible destruction of the planet should humans fail to do their part.

4 weeks ago


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