Some other excellent percentages Mitt Romney could have brought up

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Mitt Romney spoke of the 47 percent of Americans who don't pay income tax at that fund-raiser in Florida. Occupy Wall Street (1 year old this week -- still not old enough to vote) speaks of the 99 percent and the 1 percent. But there are so many other Great American Percentages! Here are just a few:

• The 28 Percent: People who "might consider" voting for Donald Trump.

• The 12 Percent: Americans who approve of Congress.

• The .00000004ish Percent: Americans who will be killed by a bear this year.

• The 77 Percent: Americans who believe in angels.

• The 38 Percent: Americans who keep showing up in inaccurate statistics.

• The 49.2 Percent: Americans who are not women.

• The 7 Percent: Americans who should pay income tax but don't because the forms confused them.

• The 73 Percent: Americans who worry that they are the one friend everyone secretly hates.

• The 27 Percent: Americans who actually are the one friend everyone else secretly hates.

• The Third: Americans who prefer fractions to percentages.

• The 60 Percent: Americans who are entirely water.

• The 102 Percent: Americans who do not understand how percentages work.


Alexandra Petri is a columnist for The Washington Post.


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