Commentary: Readers reflect on leadership

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Online readers were asked to respond to the question: "When you think about the best leader you've ever known, what qualities did he or she possess?"

"A passion for their cause or business, honesty, integrity and good listening skills."
-- Shelly Clausen

"I think any impressionable leader should have a foundation comprised of gratitude, humility, and appreciation."
-- Thomas Perko

"A leader is one who acknowledges the necessity for change. They should recognize that they are possibly a hindrance to that change, and if this is the case, they must possess the character and courage to voluntarily relinquish their role to protect the future growth and continued achievement of the mission."
-- K Chase Patterson

Online readers were asked to respond to the question: "What mistakes do you see people in a leadership role make?"

"Too many managers take 'boss' as a title, and decree it is their way or the highway, what they say goes, they don't need anything new, they want what they want and those who work for them may have no goals or strategies or thoughts or opinions of their own.

('Work with' versus 'work for.')
-- Audrey Glickman

"A total disconnect between them and the people that do the actual work. These people typically have decades of combined hands-on experience and are a very valuable wealth of knowledge."
-- Jim Holland

"Trying to play the nice guy and being unable to control situations. Sometimes confrontation occurs and a leader has to be able to handle it."
-- Matt Stufft

"Telling people to do something they would not be willing to do themselves."
-- Bernie Smith

"Saying one thing and doing another. Ignoring the little guys who keep you in business."
-- Karen Bednar



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