Dean Aloise / Buck Consultants, Head of Pittsburgh and Cincinnati branches

What drives you up the wall? "When managers lose sight of the fact that one of their primary goals is to be an advocate for their staff."

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As head of the largest employee benefits firm in Pittsburgh, Dean Aloise oversees a staff of 100 people who help large and small companies in the region do a better job of providing health care, pension plans and other benefits to their workers.

Mr. Aloise, 34, became head of the Pittsburgh office of Buck Consultants -- a Xerox-owned human resources company with 1,500 employees and 80 offices worldwide -- in September 2010. His management responsibilities were expanded to the company's Cincinnati branch last year.

Although he has moved rapidly up the corporate ladder in his four years at Buck Consultants and now oversees a staff large enough to delegate just about every duty, Mr. Aloise said he believes it is important to lead by example.

"Even when you get into a leadership position, you should never stop making a contribution to the firm," he said. "In order to maintain respect from your staff, you should pitch in and not just sit back in an administrator's chair and delegate everything.

"A good leader should roll up his sleeves and show the staff you are still able to work in the trenches."

Prior to joining the staff of Buck Consultants, Mr. Aloise worked for nine years in the Pittsburgh office of Mercer Human Resources Consulting.

He says one of the keys to his professional success has been helping others in the organization get promoted and cheering them on when they do it.

"What I have come to embrace as far as what defines a good leader is how they react to both successes and failures," Mr. Aloise said. "When things don't go well and there's a failure or a lost client, a leader needs to take ownership of it and not throw your team under the bus for it.

"But when there is a success, when you land a new client or meet a company goal, that is the time to recognize your team," he said. "It's not about you then. It's about all the other people who worked so hard to bring that result to fruition."


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