Jenn Menendez's WVU football chat transcript: 9.13.12

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Jenn Menendez: Hello again everyone. Thanks for joining. Let's get started

WVUeer: How big of a blowout will this be against James Madison?

Jenn Menendez: Well I'd say it will be a pretty lopsided score. JMU has a very solid defense that will pose some problems, but nothing this offense can't get around. I don't see any reason why Geno Smith and company won't put up a lot of points again.

VivaLasVegas: 70, 69 and what? 84? How many will WVU score Sat.?

Jenn Menendez: I'd say in the 60s or 70s again. But I was conservative going into Marshall and they scored 69. Obviously the opportunity is there.

Bige2: How is the general health of the O-line and D-line going into this weeks game?

Jenn Menendez: As far as I know they are healthy and ready to go. The O-line put on what I and many others thought was their best performance in two seasons against Marshall to open the season and all signs were good this week that they're ready to do that again.

WVUeer: No Garrison this week? Didn't hear any updates...

Jenn Menendez: No. Unless it's the best kept secret this team has ever had.They're very happy with Alston and Buie and keep talking about letting Garrison rest and get his strength back. Doesn't sound like he'll be pushed here.

RandyEdsel: Is your paper hiring?

Jenn Menendez: Maybe in circulation?

WVUeer: Doesn't sound like a lot of WVU fans bought tickets to this game? What's the point of them?

Jenn Menendez: Thanks for the question. I'd say that's debatable. Talked to Matt Wells, who handles ticket sales and he said WVU expects about 20,000 Mountaineer fans at the game on Saturday and another 7,000 or so JMU fans. It does come with a sizable guarantee, and gives the team a game to focus on improving, etc. so...?

Jenn Menendez: Fire away folks.

Alan Gifford: defense as bad as they looked at times last week?

Jenn Menendez: I'd like to see them against another few opponents here before agreeing with you. Remember a large chunk of those yards were given up after the starters came out late in the game, but they will definitely be under the microscope these next two games.

Guest: what's the over-under on yards the WVU defense will allow this week? 500?

Jenn Menendez: Sounds like JMU's top offensive playmaker - RB Dae'Quan Scott - could be on the shelf with an ankle injury so that could cut down on a chunk of yards. But I'd say the defense performs better than opening week.

Me: can you believe they ditched the Florida St game for this? LOL

Jenn Menendez: I can, only because they did. But I get your point. What a better game, a better sell, a better way to gauge where they're at. But scheduling is not a chore I'd like to be charged with, so I guess they did what they had to do.

Bige2: I would def take the under. I'd probably say under 250.

Jenn Menendez: yeah....agreed. I do think it will be a better performance by the defense. Just how much better....

bubs: Which Big 12 college town/campus are you most interested to visit (besides Austin)?

Jenn Menendez: Well you stole the best choice - which is Austin. I've been there before to cover an Olympic swimmer and is a great city. But curious to see what Lubbock is like too. I heard differing views about it down in Dallas in July during media days so curious what it's really like.

Bige2: Probably ditched Fla St. as this may have a better payout.

Jenn Menendez: Sure does.

Jenn Menendez: Time for a few more questions folks. Thanks again for joining.

Alan Gifford: Who is the QB of the future after Geno is gone. Is he on the roster?

Jenn Menendez: With all due respect to Paul Millard, it's Ford Childress. Was a big score for the program, and assuming he pans out as expected will be the next QB.

Jenn Menendez: Alright well that wraps things up for this week. Thanks for joining in, and c'mon back next Thursday at 2 p.m. to chat some more #WVU football.
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