Colin Dunlap's West Virginia football

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Colin Dunlap:

YOU. ARE. LOOKING. LIVE. ... at Cincinnati, Ohio. I have made it here, it is wonderful. I am going to go out stay out of trouble tonight and get ready to cover a football game tomorrow ... now that, is chat time, go ahead with the questions ...

PatWhiteisGod: What do you think WVU's record will be the rest of the way?

Colin Dunlap: I honestly believe (and this is just a gut feeling) that they will be 3-0 or 0-3 the rest of the way in the regular season. I think a win tomorrow night will propel the Mountaineers to a height they will continue to achieve upon the remainder of the regular season, while a loss will deflate them terribly.

WVUPensGuy: Hey Colin, what's the mood like in Cincinnati for the game?

Colin Dunlap: tough to tell right now ... this is a pro town, much like Pittsburgh ... and the UC campus is tucked up in the corner of town in Clifton. Listening to talk radio on the drive in, it seems this town is tremendously more excited about the sunday game between the Bengals and Steelers. That isn't unexpected here ... again, it is a pro town and not like a SEC or Big 12 city at all.

Spacestations_and_Beyonce: Will Coach Stew be on the hot seat if he loses to Pitt and Cincy?

Colin Dunlap: No.

EERME_: Colin if you were Brian Kelly, what QB would you play?

Colin Dunlap: Pretty good question. If I am Brian Kelly, I go with Collaros, there is zero question about it. I liken it to this: Say I am at Mountaineer Casino and I am standing at the roulette table and start taking money from Ted Arneault, I mean really getting hot and taking money from him. Well, I don't move spots at the table, I keep ordering the same drink, I keep playing the same number, and, most of all, I do not change the color chips I am playing with. It is just me, but when you have a groove going -- and I am not a superstitious guy that much -- but when you've got it going, you don't change the variables.

goldnblueblood: Thanks for the award in the Q&A ... haha. I've been feeling for a while that people have overlooked the experience factor when dissecting the Mountaineers. With that said, it's game 10 tomorrow night and the offense has had some missteps lately. If JB gets back to early season form, how likely is a BCS game?

Colin Dunlap: Very likely. But, I would tell all the WVU fans that while it is possible for him to return to early season form, do not expect those same kinds of numbers. People seem to forget he was throwing the ball against LIBERTY AND EAST CAROLINA! A very good performance against UC would be a 220-yard performance.

WVUPensGuy: Can the Mountaineers play a Steeler-like "air out of the ball" power game (burn time, keep that offense off the field), and has the staff shown any inclination to do so?

Colin Dunlap: I think that is what they will have to do to win this game. And, yes, it seemed like that is what they did against Marshall, to a degree, when Geno Smith came in there. I think, to win this game West Virginia would need to rely on guys like Urban and Clarke more than Devine and Austin ... just a hunch.

Mountiefan: Is it just me, or is the O-line the weak link this late in the year. It seems as if the tackles are getting beat upfield on every snap and not allowing Jarret to go through his progressions. Is there anything we can do scheme-wise to help the O-line out?

Colin Dunlap: To me, the interior of the line has been worse than the outside guys.

wvuhomer: Would WVU be better off with Tony Pike in the lineup instead of Zach Collaros?

Colin Dunlap: Ab-so-lutely ... can you say BJ Daniels?

vinWVU: What do you think has to happen for Bill Stewart to officially be on the "hot seat"?

Colin Dunlap: Finish 0-4 and have a bad season next year. ... Do you folks not realize, at this point in his tenure, he has the most wins of ANY West Virginia coach?!?!?!?

goldnblueblood: Wow this thought just hit me like a ton of bricks ... UConn used a power scheme to move the ball up and down the field against Cincinnati. Do you think it would be beneficial to split a larger portion of carries with Ryan Clark and Ricky Kovatch in the I-formation?

Colin Dunlap: It might ... although I like No. 6, Will Johnson, a little more than Kovatch. That said, remember something: UConn has road-grinders on that line. I mean, they have guys who look like those old Boston College, Wisconsin and Nebraska linemen. Big, burly, guys with two knee braces, arms that look like Andre the Giant and a mean streak to match ... WVU does not have those type of linemen. That is the one thing that is a concern -- WVU's linemen are more the agile type than the bulldog type.

Mountiefan: Do you see any chance that we sign Chris Dunkley?

Colin Dunlap: kind of tough when UGa., Fla. and Bama are also going after him....ask those recruiting web site guys, they know everything --- and if they don't they will guess. And then when they get it wrong, there won't be any accountability in their reporting.

MikeWVUalum: Mixed feelings on the Coaching this year. I think the defensive staff is doing a solid job dealing with injuries and lack of playmakers and athletes on that side of the ball. On offense and I think we are over coaching and dont have an identity. What is our best play? What are we good at? Too many formations, too many different plays. Spreading the ball is not a offensive scheme. What do you think?

Colin Dunlap: I would agree with you that there is a lot of presnap stuff going on. I have sometimes said that it is like the kid who brings the Crayola box to kindergarten with 124 crayons in it when, really, you probably only need like 12. Tomorrow night, I think we might see a shrinking of the playbook.

goldnblueblood: This is more of a prognostication but do you think the recruitment of guys like Shawne Alston and Chris Snook, the slimming down of Ryan Clark, and recruiting bigger more physical lineman are indications of Stewarts desire to build a better power game for next year and forward?

Colin Dunlap: Yes. Big, tall linemen like Pat Eger and the kid they got from the state of West Virginia who is also a redshirt this season.

WVUer21: Colin, it seems that for most of this decade, whenever WVU is considered a huge underdog, they always seem to rise up and win a big game every season ('02 VT, '03VT, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, etc.). Do you think that tomorrow night just seems to be another of these situations?

Colin Dunlap: I do know this: Since the interim tag was removed from Bill's name, this is the opportunity to get his signature win.

WVUPensGuy: Honestly, where did the perception that a good head coach has to be a histrionic, f-bombing egomaniac in order to have any kind of success?

Colin Dunlap: When ESPN started putting microphones on coaches and showing them dressing kids down.

wvuhomer: Cincy likes to throw quick passes and make their receivers make yards after the catch, with that being said who needs to step up their game on Friday night?

Colin Dunlap: the 3-backers...also, expect to see a lot of Anthony Leonard in that LB corp. I think he is an athletic kid who can hit those WRs across the middle and run with them. That said, Sands better show up if WVU has ANY chance at winning.

vinWVU: What is your prediction for the game tomorrow night?

Colin Dunlap: I am going to snake my way into two of them ... either UC big, or, if it is close, WVU wins. So ... UC 41-21 ... or WVU 31-28 it really depends on where that combined score total is. The first 8 minutes will tell you everything you need to know.

WVMule: By my count 8 Mountaineers are injured going into the game. Stew fibs about who can we expect to play Friday night and how close to 100% are Devine and Neild?

Colin Dunlap: Neild is in better shape than Devine ... If I had to put a number on it, Devine would be 70 percent, Neild 85. Alright ... time for a handful more.

thrillwvu: It's amazing how a 7-2 can make a person feel like they are 2-7. What can the current staff do, in your opinion, to shake the perception that this team is "going through the motions"?

Colin Dunlap: winning more than they lose would be nice ... oh, wait, they already do that -- by more than a 3-1 margin. And that still isn't good enough. Who knows?

Mountainman: Colin, is the week off after this game good for WVU?

Colin Dunlap: I will be able to answer this at about 11:30 p.m. tomorrow. If the Mountaineers win, it is kind of a bad thing, as I am certain they'd want to keep rolling ... if they lose, it will be a good thing.

WVMule: I'm ending my self-imposed media exile to participate in your chat. Give the struggles of the offensive line (I realize they are young) and their poor performance in games past...they seem to have regressed instead of progressed. Do you think that position coach Dave Johnson needs to be replaced in the off season?

Colin Dunlap: Not at all. Not even close to the weakest link on the coaching staff. And, Mule, why do you have a media-blackout?

Paul_Alexander_s_Man_Tan: Best place to eat in Morgantown?

Colin Dunlap: That mexican place by the Starbucks near the hospital. I smash the grub there on Tuesdays sometimes.

WVUer21: Colin, do you think Reed has a realistic shot at the Wuerfull Trophy, going up ESPN stars like Shipley at Texas?

Colin Dunlap: I don't think ... The real question is this: When the heck did Danny Wuerffel get a trophy named after him? Alright ... one more.

WVMule: Because ... the newspapers depress me, the boards anger me, and my wife has been reading the BGN free boards and now thinks Stew should go.

Colin Dunlap: Well, there you have it ... it is all the fault of the stinking media. I have a remedy: Everything you read on those message boards, slice that into about 1-100th and take that much as truth. After that, slice that number in half ... that is about how much is, really, the truth. It is funny sometimes, reading the comments, to see how people get so worked up over things that have so little real impact on their lives. Sorry that the newspaper depresses you ... I hope it isn't as bad as the local news. Well, folks, I have to run, have a city to conquer. Later.


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