Beano and Furfari share their favorite WVU-Pitt memories

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Pitt victories

Beano's Best

1. 1955, by 26-7 at Pitt Stadium, Nov. 12: "The Sugar Bowl people were there to invite West Virginia. Pitt won the next week at Penn State," and earned that Sugar bid instead. Believed to be the last time both were Top 20 teams, West Virginia No. 6 and Pitt No. 17.

2. 1970, by 36-35 at Pitt stadium, Oct. 17: The amazing comeback from a 35-8 deficit. His favorite story about that game involves Furfari's bored wife leaving at halftime to shop.

3. 1954, by 13-10 at Mountaineer Field, Oct. 30: The same WVU that went to the Sugar Bowl the previous year and then started 4-0 this one? It promptly fell to Pitt. That was the only loss for the 1954 Mountaineers, who didn't get a bowl bid.

4. 1963, by the same 13-10 at Mountaineer Field, Oct. 19: The first televised Brawl, on CBS. Alas, Pitt lost its next game at Navy and eventual Heisman Trophy winner Roger Staubach. That was the only loss for 1963 the Panthers, who didn't get a bowl bid. Maybe Pitt's boat ride from Star City, W.Va., to Mountaineer Field for the Brawl proved to be bad nautical karma.

5. 1997, by 41-38 in triple overtime at new Mountaineer Field, Nov. 28: New coach Walt Harris won his first of six bowl berths -- a turnaround for a Pitt team that was "rebuilding after years of disaster."

West Virginia victories

Furfari's Finest

1. 1975, by 17-14 at Mountaineer Field, Nov. 8: Bobby Bowden earned his second bowl bid and a new job at Florida State when Bill Mc-Kenzie -- 2 of 5 career heretofore -- made a final-play, 38-yard field goal to beat 20th-ranked Pitt in inaugural ABC Brawl.

2. 1928, by 9-6 at Pitt Stadium, Oct. 13: Pitt won the previous four Brawls by a combined 86-21, and Pitt would win the next 15 by a combined 381-39. Good thing WVU fans drove to Pittsburgh to party.

3. 1947, by 17-2 at Pitt Stadium, Nov. 29: After those 15 losses in a row, Mountaineers won for Bill Kern, the former Pitt player who told his team he was about to retire from coaching. Pitt won the next four.

4. 1965, by 63-48 at Mountaineer Field, Oct. 2: The highest-scoring game in Division I history at the time. Pitt went for two after a TD and failed, for a 48-47 lead. WVU scored twice more by the end. In disbelief, Western Union headquarters tele-typed back to Morgantown asking if WVU stats guys were drinking. "The craziest game I ever covered in 61 years as a sports writer."

5. 1952, by 16-0 at Pitt Stadium, Oct. 25: Eighteenth-ranked Pitt beat Army and Notre Dame on the road in the previous two weeks, but it didn't get past the visiting Mountaineers. WVU then went on a roll, winning 14 of 15 and 30 of 35 games -- including 1953 rematch with 17th-ranked Pitt.


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